5 Best Job Search Apps in India You Should Download

Best Job Search Apps

Searching for the right job is the first step to having a successful career. Thankfully, today’s job seekers have plenty of job search apps to look for career options. They don’t need to go around with their resume like job seekers used to do even a decade ago. All they have to do is upload their resume, look for jobs that match their criteria, and apply for the jobs they prefer.
However, not all job apps are equal when it comes to finding you the best job as well as offering other benefits to job seekers. Therefore, you need to pay attention to which job apps you are installing and looking for jobs. It is best to go for apps that are more India-centric to get more local jobs when you search using filters.

Given below are the five best job apps in India that can make any job seeker’s task easy.

1. Naukri

This is the top job search app when it comes to finding a good job in India. There are more than 5 lakh recruiters on this job portal making it one of the best job markets to look for any kind of job. There are various categories one can look through and find the latest job offerings. It offers job listings for all kinds of work, be it full-time, part-time or remote work. It also lists government jobs which still are the best jobs a job seeker can apply for.

2. Rocket

A new entrant but a strong job market for any job seeker in India is Rocket App. Using this job search app, you can effortlessly find job listings for different professionals like a delivery boy, drivers, customer support, telecallers, bankers, and many others. Moreover, you can search job listings based on cities as it covers most major Indian cities like Bengaluru, Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, and over 100+ other cities. Another great feature of this app is that it provides support in Hindi, English and even in Hinglish! Candidates can directly call HR and schedule interviews easily.

3. TimesJob

Another great India-based job search app is TimesJob. One great feature of this job app is its guidance to candidates regarding which company to apply for. It provides ratings and reviews of companies, their pay information, tips to ace interviews, talent benchmarking, and more for job seekers. Another great feature of this app is that it shows which recruiters have shown interest in a candidate’s resume. That way candidates have an idea of which companies to apply for. They also have listings for local jobs based on the job seekers’ location as well as send notifications for job alerts created by them.

4. Indeed

A global company with a good base in India Indeed is one of the topmost job search apps in the country. Here, job seekers can look at jobs from not just India, but from more than 50 countries. They can also search for jobs in more than 20 languages in different fields. The app helps job seekers in every step of job search and applying for jobs. It also helps them prepare for interviews and also gives information about the organization they plan to join. As for searching for a job, job seekers have various ways to do so. They can use their GPS to find jobs at their location or narrow down their search by type of job (full-time, part-time, or remote).

5. WorkIndia

Another job app that is specific to the Indian job market is WorkIndia. And the great thing about this job app is that it is a platform for blue-collar job seekers to find their dream job. It also has job listings for grey-collar work, but it is the blue-collar work that this platform excels in. it is also very simple to use and gets the job done which is to find its user their preferred job.

So, these are the five top job search apps in India that are favorites for job seekers. It is true that today when it comes to looking for jobs, there is plenty of choices that make the search easy. Use any of these job apps to make the whole process of searching for a job and applying for it a smooth ride.

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