5 Conditions That Requires Child Surgery

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Many childhood diseases are treated by medications where as some other child health issues require surgery. A pediatric surgeon practices surgery for children who have complex issues by birth and take care of them. Before deciding on surgery the medical team studies a child’s medical history repeatedly and does some physical tests.

Medical test reports convey the severity of the issue and how much the complication the baby has. If your child has such a problem by birth, consult a child surgeon in Siliguri immediately. On depending several conditions of surgery the doctors differentiate between major and minor surgery.

The common conditions when a child requires surgery are as follow:


Appendicitis is a small duct joined to the intestine carrying lymphoid tissues. While a tumor expanded in the lymphoid tissues or parasites attack and can chunk the lumen of this duct. It can cause swelling in the appendix zone.

Children who are 10 to 18 years of age can suffer acute appendicitis which requires surgery. In such cases, a child surgeon removes the complete appendix.

Doctors are selecting either open or laparoscopy depending on the child’s health condition. Severe appendectomy is a rare case and it is operated on, on the current date of diagnosis. However, a child surgeon can decide the surgical procedure of the patient.

Cancer Surgery

Numerous kinds of childhood cancer can be treated by surgery. A pediatric surgeon treats liver, pancreas, kidney, and abdomen cancer by operating on the tumor before the radiation therapy. In such cases, a surgeon can remove the tumor or the particular organ completely to avoid recurrence.

Umbilical Hernia

In recent times more than 10 to 30% of children have developed an umbilical hernia. Advanced or weighted babies have the maximum scope of affecting this issue.

In the pregnancy period, an expected child takes food and nutrients from the mother’s womb via blood vessels and the placenta in the umbilical cord. At the time of delivery, the umbilical cord is cut down. The umbilical blood vessels are still affixed to the baby’s body and proliferate fibrous tissue.

Occasional the fibrous tissue can not be completely covered and the umbilical cord comes out through the thin abdominal wall. For this reason, the intestine is swelling. It is the symptom of an umbilical hernia. All umbilical hernias do not require surgery.


The function of the gall bladder is to receive and store bile from the liver. Severe cholecystitis is a soreness in the gall bladder which is caused by gallstones. This major pouch of the body may be checked by the oozing of bile or gall stones.

As a result, inflammation is started. Irrespective of appendicitis minimum of 4% of children have faced gallstone issues. A pediatric doctor is advised to do a laparoscopic cholecystectomy to remove the gallstone including the gallbladder from the child’s body.


The thyroid, an endocrine gland is found under the neck. It manufactures thyroxin hormones that help to regulate the development of a child’s health including calcium levels and protein amalgamation.

Children who are suffering from hyperthyroidism can require thyroid gland removal surgery. Though this endocrine gland is located under the neck, it required open surgery to remove the gland. Child surgeon in Siliguri study the medical history of the baby before conducting open surgery.

Before advising a surgery the doctors are studying deeply the child’s medical history his or her health condition and other lab reports. Surgery and post-surgical recovery are important to cure your baby completely.

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