5 Of The Best Electric Muscle Stimulators

5 Of The Best Electric Muscle Stimulators

If you’re experiencing pain during your recovery from a muscle injury, then you must learn about the best electrical muscle stimulation (EMS). Stick with this article to find interesting benefits and some of the best electric muscle stimulator devices. 

Electric muscle stimulator machines are made in a way to help strengthen and rehabilitate your muscles. These devices use tiny electrical impulses to produce a muscle contraction that helps your muscles back to recovery. EMS devices speed up recovery, build muscle, and help you become more explosive. 

Long ago they were originating in the Eastern bloc during the 1950s. The original muscle stimulation machines were large, bulky, and made to help astronauts reduce muscle atrophy. But as of now, technology has evolved, and the best electric muscle stimulator devices come in a very compact shape. 

How Does Electronic Muscle Stimulator Work?

In the easiest of terms, the best electric muscle stimulators work by using electrical pulses. That simulates signals that come from the cells in your nervous system known as neurons. These devices work by sending mild electrical currents to your muscles or nerves.

Electrical muscle stimulators target muscles to make them contract, more like flexing your bicep or other forms of muscle contractions. This later causes blood to flow, helping your injured muscles to repair. The repeated contractions, followed by the relation period, enhances the strength of your muscles.

Because the muscle contraction is “deeper” and grabs more muscle fibres, there is an opportunity for faster recovery, & stronger muscles. It is also thought that these devices can also “train” your muscles to respond to the natural contraction signals. The signals that your body sends.

Best Electric Muscle Stimulators: Our Top 5 Picks

Many brands offer transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) or simply the best electric muscle stimulator devices that help reduce pain. They are a perfect solution for people with sciatica, arthritis, and fibromyalgia. However, they might not be safe for people who are pregnant or have other conditions.

Without wasting time, have a look at our wow picks!

  1. Theracup

TheraCup is a cupping device that combines cupping therapy and electrical muscle

stimulation in one device. They are perfect for relieving and stimulating your muscles for speedy recovery and performance. It’s surely a new game and a new experience for cupping.

Theracup, the best electric muscle stimulator, uses the technology to implant bipolar in the silicone cup. Plus, it offers three modes and fifteen levels of intensity to meet your different needs. So, purchasing a TheraCup device can earn you two different types of washable pads also. Also, to dive deeper, read our Theracup Review and make up your mind.  5 Of The Best Electric Muscle Stimulators

On top of it, you can keep your TheraCup device in the bag because it’s easy on the go. Therefore, their device is the world’s first silicone cupping with an electric muscle stimulator. 

  1. Therabody

The Therabody’s best electric muscle stimulator is PowerDot 2.0 Duo, and it also connects to your smart device via Bluetooth. It uses transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation TENS and neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES). On top of it, the device features 12 stimulation modes and 20 intensity settings.

Plus, their devices also feature you with a Therabody app. The app serves as an intensity controller and guides a person through program selection and pad placement. The app also features personalised adjustments based on the data the user provides as well as access to its community. In addition, the brand also recommends it for period pain and speedy muscle recovery. You can also use the brand’s 60 day trial to test the product before committing to a purchase.

  1. HealthmateForever

The brand offers high quality electric muscle stimulator devices. Their devices come with 15 modes, nine auto stimulation programs, and 20 levels of intensity. Also, the device uses TENS and EMS. Whereas you can choose which area of the body you wish to target with visual diagrams on the screen. However, the settings are labelled according to the area of the body for which they are suitable. 

The EMS settings focus on mimicking the feeling of massage. Customers can choose their preferred methods of massages, such as kneading, acupuncture, and cupping. As a result, their TENS devices may be best suited to people who want to simulate the feeling of massage. At the same time, they use the machine to relieve muscle pain. In addition, their device has four outputs that allow a person to use eight pads simultaneously. The device also comes with a built-in belt clip.

  1. iReliev

The iReliev device has a wireless, low profile design for discreet and convenient use. It is so convenient that you can wear the pods on the go. The device comes with two pods that can be programmed as an isolated channel or paired together. Also, it uses both TENS and EMS.

Although, the hand control can support up to four channels, allowing people to upgrade their devices for expanded coverage. In addition, the device also has other features, such as 14 stimulation modes, an EMS system, a rechargeable power source, wireless technology, and a two year warranty. 

  1. HiDow

The brand’s wireless transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) device has four different modes. Also, the manufacturer describes their muscle stimulation device as lightweight, portable, and suitable for people to use on the go. Plus, they claim it is also suitable for muscle recovery for short term pain.  Please read Muscle Stimulators.

Whereas the device is beneficial if you want to use it on the back, hips, abdomen, and joints. Their TENS device might suit people who would like to support their muscle recovery and lower short-term post workout pain.

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