7 Indicators That It’s Time to Migrate to VPS Hosting

7 Indicators that It’s time to migrate to VPS Hosting

How is your web hosting service treating you these days? Hopefully, it will fulfill your needs and manage your website traffic as it is supposed to. Most businesses take shared hosting plans due to low budgets. But a shared hosting plan doesn’t provide high security from cyber attacks. As your website grows, you need more resources and a power hosting plan to manage your traffic.

But how can you know that your web hosting service is outdated? To answer this question, you must carefully examine your website’s functionalities. You also need to check your user’s recent feedback about your website. To help you more in this quest, we have outlined 7 indicators that decide it’s time to change the hosting plan and migrate to VPS hosting.

1. Your Website Needs Enhanced-security Features

Security breaches are common in shared hosting environments because several sites use the same server; more websites equal more opportunities for attackers. Shared hosting accounts provide protection but may not be at the level you require for your expanding business. When it comes to improved and increased security, shared hosting falls short.

VPS hosting will protect you from security flaws, and also give customizable protection that is completely under your control. You are vulnerable if someone on your server becomes infected with malware or is targeted by hackers. Unlike VPS hosting, where you are the sole point of contact, this ‘VPS isolation’ method adds a degree of security.

2. Increasing Popularity of your Website

When your site becomes successful and attracts more web traffic, it is time to upgrade from shared hosting because it will no longer be able to handle such a high volume of traffic. A VPS hosting option is better suited for increased server resources and faster website performance.

As your website grows, there will be an ample amount of users on your website at the same time. For this, you need a VPS hosting plan which isolates each user space on the server providing a seamless experience. Is your hosting plan unable to manage high-volume website traffic? Then contact the top web hosting in Dubai and get a VPS hosting plan today!

3. Server Error or ’50x’ Occurring too Frequently.

Is it common for your website to display a 50x error, such as (500, 503, 504, 507)? It signifies that your website has used all the resources on your shared server. This indicates that you will need to upgrade your shared plan to access your site.

The 50x errors will surely affect your customer experience and decrease your sales. For example, a user is about to purchase on your website, and 50x errors appear. In this case, you lost a sale and a potential customer. So, start migrating to VPS hosting, provide a great customer experience, and increase your sales.

4. Website Experiences Frequent Downtime

Downtime of even one minute is not tolerable or helpful for your business if you manage a major eCommerce store and make high money online. If you’ve been experiencing prolonged downtime, it’s time to upgrade from shared hosting to dependable VPS Hosting. VPS servers are more reliable and have less downtime.

VPS uses hypervisor technology to isolate users on the server. The hypervisor provides space for each user on the server, and it helps to enhance your website performance. Thus, by using VPS hosting, your website will have no downtime in traffic spikes.

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5. Site Requires Direct Access to the Server

You can do customized server setups if you have direct control over a server or complete access to the server. A VPS or dedicated web hosting service also includes the ability to change files and install new applications.

Installing new software is critical since new business applications appear to enter the market regularly. If your organization wants full access to the server, you should choose VPS Hosting.

6. Your Website is Running Slow

Several variables influence website performance, including design and hosting type. As a result, if your site is slowing down, you should quickly move to a new VPS server to allow your business to thrive.

VPS hosting allows support to increase website traffic and boosts your sales without any issues. VPS hosting has customization options, so you can install plugins and applications to increase the speed of your website. Do you want to increase your website’s performance? Then get in touch with the web hosting provider in Dubai and get a VPS hosting plan today!

7. You are Running an E-commerce Store

You cannot install custom/own applications on shared hosting. Furthermore, most eCommerce or online sites that store and handle credit card information are PCI certified. However, the shared hosting option frequently fails a PCI compliance test.

However, the VPS hosting service or servers are more likely to meet PCI compliance rules. VPS hosting plan 100% meets the PCI compliance standards, and if there’s a change in PCI scan reports, then you can customize your VPS server accordingly.

Get VPS Hosting Plan Today!

So, the signs we discussed are the most common indicators for changing your hosting plan. You should migrate to the VPS hosting plan because it provides resources for high spike traffics, enhanced security features, and increased website performance. So what are you waiting for? Contact website hosting Dubai today and get VPS hosting to see results for yourself.

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