A Complete Guide to Deal With Sex and Gender Discrimination at Workplace



The world is moving towards modernity, which includes changes in the thoughts of gender equality. People are rooting for gender equality and how both genders should be placed at the same level. But, the reality seems to be different in some cases, especially in businesses and companies where still gender discrimination is prevalent among people. 

Gender discrimination in the workplace is when female employees are treated worse in comparison to their male counterparts. If you are facing such discrimination at your workplace, this article is useful for you. We will discuss the employment law guides, which will discuss why gender discrimination should not be acceptable. 

What are Common Examples of Gender Discrimination? 

  • Pregnancy discrimination states that the company hesitates to hire female workers because of their potential desire to start a family and the leave they will take for their maternity period. 
  • Harassment in the workplace is one of the most common forms of discrimination against women. There is a very disproportionate number of victims who face sexual harassment in the workplace. There doesn’t need to be merely sexual harassment; there is also gender-based discrimination, which includes transgender, gender non-conforming, and non-binary discrimination. 
  • The pay gap is another gender discrimination that women face in workplaces. Women are paid less in comparison to their male counterparts for the same amount of work. 
  • Representation at the senior level is very few for women as companies feel that decision-making is mainly the domain of males. Therefore, there is a dominating senior management team. However, things are changing gradually, and we are seeing changes. 

How Employees Should Handle Gender Discrimination? 

  • The major contribution to this gender discrimination will be victims if they stay quiet in this situation. You have to take action or any step to raise your voice against such activities to reduce the menace of gender discrimination. You should consult your higher authorities to file an internal complaint about gender discrimination. 
  • You can also file a lawsuit on the basis of government laws. Some agencies can help you in enforcing laws and dealing with gender discrimination. 

What Actions Should Employers Take to Deal With Gender Discrimination? 

  • Increase Transparency: It is one of the great ways to ensure there is less discrimination in the workplace. The promotions, salary, and other evaluation process should be transparent for employees. 
  • Provide Family-Friendly Insurance Plans: Female workers have to take maternity leave during their pregnancy, and therefore, this should not affect their position. Employers should try to provide a safe, honest, and friendly environment for the workers and also for their families. Therefore, a paid maternity leave would be beneficial for the employees. 
  • Introduce Zero-Tolerance Policy: It is important to introduce a zero-tolerance policy in the company to ensure that the employees feel safe and secure in this environment. So, these are some of the important steps that you can take against gender discrimination. 

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