Airis Puff | Know Its Features, Benefits, And Ways to Use

Airis puff

Vaping has a number of advantages, and it has grown in acceptance over the past several years. The vaping business continues to provide goods that suit users’ needs for both safety and a pleasing vaping experience.

Now there are Airis puff disposables, which have quickly become a favorite among both new and experienced vapers because of their enormous first explosion. What are disposable puff bars, what are their features, and how to use them?

Features of Airis Disposable Vape

  • The tool is portable and suitable for glass bongs.
  • It offers an automatic hands-free heating mode.
  • The heating element for the pen is a Qcell quartz coil.
  • Powerful 900mAh battery
  • Three presets for variable voltage
  • Micro USB power supply
  • Little, lovely design

Airis Dabble Disposable Vape Contains

  • Dabble vape pen by Airis
  • 14mm bong attachment for glass
  • 20 mm silicone sleeve
  • Steel dabbing instrument
  • USB cable for charging
  • Instructions for use

Ways to Use Airis Disposable Vape

  • The pen underwent a meticulous design process, and it is one of the simpler pens to operate. To connect the Airis dabble or Airbar vape to your favorite glass object, simply screw in the 14mm glass attachment.
  • You don’t need to purchase any additional items because all of these tools are included in the box. A 19mm silicone bong adapter sleeve is also included in the box. The Airis dabbling vape pen fits into many of the popular bongs when you take it out of the box.
  • The Airis disposable vape’s ability to draw from both the top and bottom allows for versatile functionality. A stainless steel pod that can easily slide into and out of the vaporizer is supported over the quartz coil.
  • The main drawback of this design is that it requires some waiting time after filling because the stainless steel pod heats up quickly.
  • When you remove your pen from its packaging, you must charge it for a few hours to get the most out of the battery. Your battery life is extended during recharging, increasing dependability and convenience.
  • The glass needs to be slid over the coil and up to remove it as the following step. To uncover the quartz coil below, you must next shift the stainless steel pod to the side and lift off the top.
  • Make sure to add a rice grain size to the quartz coil when loading your wax concentrates, either CBD or THC, for optimum performance. This is a wonderful way to determine how much material you can take.
  • You must replace the pod’s top and press it back into the vape pen once the loading process is finished and you are sure there are enough ingredients.
  • The vaporizer may be activated by pressing the button five times in a row.

Benefits of Airis Disposable Vape

  • Dual usage is possible both with and without the water pipe.
  • The pen is available in a variety of colors, giving you a variety of flavors; you can also get the same in air bar box flavors.
  • You can utilize the pen’s hands-free heating mode.
  • For the greatest taste, the Quell quartz coil heats up.
  • The tool is capable of filling 14mm and 19mm pipes.
  • Considering the $60 price tag, the item is fairly inexpensive.
  • It is appropriate for new vape dab users.
  • This pen performs flawlessly and is also used by experienced vape fans.

In The Bottom Line

One of the best tools for smoking wax concentrates is the Airis puff pen for waxes. There is little cause for concern because the enclosure performs consistently and flexibly. This pen is a useful tool for bong users because you can use it with a glass tube bong.

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