Are Quartz Worktops Better than Granite Worktops?

Gold Quartz

Let’s examine granite and quartz counters to see which is ideal for you. Kitchen remodels and worktop replacements come in a variety of options. One of the most popular worktop materials is quartz, followed by granite. What separates them from each other?

Many will make the case that either is preferable and provide justifications for why people shouldn’t choose one over the other. These are the explanations for why they select granite or quartz. What tasks must you complete when remodeling your house? This article will help you choose which is better for your kitchen by describing the differences between quartz and granite. Let’s begin!

Quartz vs Granite

Before getting began, let’s talk about the differences between quartz and granite. Granite is a naturally occurring rough stone. There are several places where you can find it. The stone will be retrieved, divided into manageable sizes, polished repeatedly until it reaches a high finish, and then transported to your house.

The natural world abounds in quartz. To make Calacatta Gold Quartz, numerous quartz mines, breaks, or crushing operations are required. To create slabs, quartz is afterward combined with colors and binder. Now that you know the makeup of two rock kinds, you may look at their characteristics.

  • Outward appearance: 

Throughout this part, we’ll examine the design of granite worktops.

  • Granite: 

Because of its origin in a molten liquid and subsequent cooling, granite comes in a variety of designs and colors. No two granite slabs are exactly alike. Granites come in an infinite variety. The range of colors and patterns available to you is unrestricted. The choice of design and color is endless if you’re looking for a focal point to make your kitchen stand out or a general layout that offers perfect symmetry.

  • Quartz: 

Those who appreciate quartz are drawn to its aesthetics. The worktop sector is ecstatic about Quartz’s rising popularity. Quartz’s all-natural appearance is the reason why people enjoy it. The composition of quartz makes it easy to change its appearance, including color.

As a result of its versatility, quartz can make remodeling your home simpler than granite. While there are many tile alternatives available in granite, it can be challenging to choose something that matches the colors of your home. Choosing the best component is made easier by Quartz.

  •  Price: 

Let’s now examine the costs of the two types of worktops.

  • Granite:

A granite slab typically costs between $2,000 and $4,000. You’ll save money if you get the granite slab from wholesalers. By doing the initial DIY work, you could potentially save money. It is advised to use a qualified specialist for the fabrication and installation of granite countertops. Here’s where to find inexpensive granite.

But other granites, such as expensive granite or exotic granite, can cost as much as $4,000 for a block. Granite is frequently regarded as the most affordable stone. Only a small number of granite colors are, however, affordably offered as premium building stones.

  • Quartz 

Quartz countertops might cost more than traditional granite. The quartz worktop may cost $1,500 to purchase and install. However, it may increase to $5500. It’s typical. The price of the quartz you buy will depend on the premium quartz you select, the layout of the border, and the square footage needed for your project. Although you may save money by doing some of the work yourself, you should hire a professional installer.

  • Environmental protection: 

Now let’s contrast the environmental protection offered by the two types of worktops.

  • Granite: 

Mining is the first step in getting granite into your kitchen. It takes a lot of energy to do this. Fuel and energy resources will be provided if you place an order from another nation, such as Italy in Italy. As a starter, going to the salvage yard to find the slab you want to cut according to your preferences is a green option.

  • Quartz: 

Quartz has the potential to be more advantageous for the earth from the beginning. Therefore, transporting quartz doesn’t require a lot of energy sources. When you buy locally produced tiles from a local maker, this is the situation. The distance and quantity of gasoline required to haul slabs or kitchen quartz can be greatly reduced by using a local person.

  • Maintenance

What maintenance do you give your counters? Find out now.

  • Granite: 

It is necessary to clean the granite worktops every day with soap and water or an inexpensive granite cleaner. Further, the granite worktop must not be stained by certain acids contained in food and oils. Re-sealing your meters and your investment can assist to protect them. To do it every year, though, would be expensive and time-consuming.

  • Quartz:

Granite requires more upkeep than quartz. Like with granite, cleaning up spills with water and soap or a light home cleanser is necessary; otherwise, maintenance is complete. Quartz is a substance that never has to seal or resealed. This is due to granite’s solid, impermeable nature. Additionally, it is less expensive, especially if you want to have the granite surface finished by professionals.

  • Timeframe:

When will your counter expire?

  • Granite:

Unlike quartz, which is fragile and heat-sensitive, granite is a robust material. However, because of their porosity, worktops can absorb spilled liquids like beverages. Liquids can rest on the work surface. It might damage the worktop. The granite on the counter may become damaged by a forceful blow.

  • Quartz: 

Because quartz is a harder surface than granite, it is more resilient. It is practically hard to damage. Like granite, quartz has pores. The Calacatta Gold Quartz Since germs have a lower chance of entering quartz, it is also more bacterial resistant than granite. Quartz has the problem that excessive heating can harm its surface. Make use of trivets, heated plates, and heating pads to avoid this happening. Efficacious and simple solution.


Knowing this will help you choose between granite and quartz for your kitchen countertops. If you want your worktops to look distinctive, quartz is better than granite since it is more durable, easier to personalize, and more environmentally friendly. It is crucial to remember that quartz worktops can be pricey, and you may have to spend extra time cleaning and sealing them each year unless you are price-conscious or want granite’s distinctive colors. We’re hoping that this tutorial has explained the specifics of their differences to you.

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