Blue World City Launches Executive Block

Blue World City Launches Executive Block


Blue world city executive block is a new block, which is approved to help investors and future residents to live a new life. This block contains huge sizes of plots, which makes it a suitable investment in the entire project. The other important factor about this block is its exotic location, Also, the payment plans are another positive factor, which attracts all kids of investors.

Blue World City

A blue world city Islamabad is an under construction real estate project with futuristic and elite planning. The aim to this housing block is to provide the finest comfort and luxury to the people living in one gated society. One can clearly understand through the masterplan of this project, that it is going to be an epitome of luxury. This housing project is a dream venture for blue group of companies and Shah Jian Municipal Engineering.

Noc Status

The No objection certificate is a valid file that the developers of a housing project need to get from government authorities. Such file helps in not only attracting more investment but also the trust of the current investors. Blue World City NOC got its shape after the official approval by Rawalpindi Development Authority under the vide letter no 532/10/DC on 07-08-2018. This housing project has now got the legal status under the district council Rawalpindi, due to which it is getting more investments.

Payment Plan of executive Block

The upcoming executive block of the blue world city is going to be one of the lavish block as evident from its name. Its main aim is to help all the real estate investors to get their dream home. As of now, a huge number of plots are empty, and the developers are looking to reserve it for a lot of future investors. The payment plan of this project is very much reasonable because of its location. The developers have offered four-year installment plans with an option of down payment. At first, the prices of the plots would begin from PKR 875000, especially 10 Marla plots for PKR 1675000. The purpose of proposing all these prices is to cater to customer satisfaction of their investors. Apart from that, all of these plots would be available for rents too with different payment plan.

Why go for Executive Block

The best this about executive block is that it comprises of huge plots with reasonable payment plan. It would be very easy to real estate investors to acquire plots, as it is in its initial phase. There are different plots that are easily purchasable here, with a affordable payment plan. Another great aspect of this huge blockĀ  is its perfect location. The location factor makes it easier for residents to live around the area and increase the overall worth of the entire housing project. The investors can easily invest here to build a dream home of their choice, where there would not face any kind of living difficulty. The payment plan of this block increases its overall worth, and has the potential to get a huge chunk of real estate investment.


Blue World City Executive block is set to become one of the elitest blocks in this housing project. The developers are doing everything to help out the investors, so that they can have good advantage while investing. The investors looking to invest their capital have a feasible option of yearly payment plan. The executive block is have some best facilities, as compared to other blocks. Even, in the masterplan, it is proved that this project is going to be innovative one. Estate Land Marketing has skilled team of marketing agents, who have a good knowledge about this project. Our agents would personally help out the investors, who are interested to build dream home for themselves.

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