Tips To Boost Your Brand’s Productivity By Using Tuck Boxes

Tips To Boost Your Brand's Productivity By Using Tuck Boxes

Branding packaging tells a lot about a brand. Not only does it make your products aesthetically pleasing, but it strengthens your brand’s identity as well. Additionally, it shows your brand cares about its customers. When it comes to customers’ choice, they prefer boxes that are easy to handle, portable, and long-lasting. These days custom tuck boxes are very popular among businesses and customers.

Customized tuck boxes are versatile in their use. They can be used in packaging products, gifts, a variety of promotional items, and more. Different types of packages are available in the market. However, tuck boxes are the most popular and effective option you can avail. Tuck boxes are mainly being used in packing small-sized products. Their extensive use is because of their reliability and excellent user experience. 

Choose the right Type

Tuck boxes come in a variety of types. Each type suits a different product. These boxes are available as standard and customized forms. You can buy standard boxes, or you can order customized ones. This decision largely depends on the nature of your product and the budget for packaging. 

Following are the popular types of tuck boxes: Straight Tuck Boxes (SL), Reverse Tuck Boxes (RT), Lock Bottom Boxes (LB), and Tuck Top Boxes (TT). 

Straight boxes are considered as a widely used form of tuck boxes. These boxes carry flaps on each side that fold directly into the box. In the case of Reverse Tuck Boxes, both flaps fold in the opposite direction.

Lock Bottom Boxes are mainly used for heavier items such as glass jars and candles. These boxes are best known for their excellent durability and strength. Custom top tuck boxes have one opening at the top paired with a closing panel and a small flap that tucks into the box.

Tuck boxes give a fantastic Unboxing Experience

Another feature that makes tuck boxes the favorite choice of every brand is their seamless unboxing experience. Customers want to experience great feelings when they explore their new purchases for the first time. Great packaging directly influences the unboxing experience. Not only does it strengthen customer-business relationships, but it also pushes customers’ loyalty beyond limits.

Custom Tuck Boxes
Custom Tuck Boxes

Influencers on social media platforms share unboxing videos on a regular basis. Statistics show that unboxing videos can help viewers find new brands online. 

Well-designed custom tuck end boxes can be a perfect marketing tool for your brand. If you have a great product with elegant packaging, you can expect a random internet guy to pick it up and tell others about it.

Materials for Tuck boxes

Quality tuck boxes are made by using the best paperboard material. Paperboard is composed of fibrous material that is converted into pulp. Kraft paper maintains its brown shade, while white paper is usually bleached. As far as the thickness of the paperboard is concerned, you have several options to choose from. If you want to create a tuck box that gives a unique experience, a paperboard with a silver substrate will do the job for you. You can add desired finishes and coating to your boxes to give them a personalized look.

Ultimate Protection for your product

We use a variety of consumer products in our daily life. There are some products we mostly carry with us, including cosmetics and perfume. Some products are fragile in nature, and therefore need durable packaging. Personalized tuck boxes are designed to provide maximum protection to the inside products. They can be customized in different designs, shapes, and colors. 

Custom tuck end boxes are Eco-Friendly and Cost-effective

The condition of our home planet is worsening day by day. It is our responsibility to save our environment from further damage. Brands that use eco-friendly packaging for their products have a good reputation worldwide. Tuck boxes are safe for our environment as they are made of Kraft and cardboard. The material used in making tuck boxes can be recycled and reused repeatedly. Tuck box packaging enhances your brand’s image. Moreover, it will help you win customer loyalty and long-term support.


Custom tuck boxes are the ultimate packaging solution for your products. In addition to giving your product an elegant look, tuck box packaging helps attract potential customers. Lastly, this packaging will ensure your brand’s commercial success and recognition! 

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