Checking Out the Most Kid-Friendly Activities in Little Rock

Little Rock

Little Rock is one of the best-kept secrets of America.  This gorgeous city is affordable to live in, has a great economy, and offers a fun balance of work and play for all that live here.  

If you’re in town and you want your kids to enjoy the city as much as you do, you’re in luck!  These are some of the best kid-friendly activities for any family to check out in Little Rock! 

The Museum of Discovery

Science affects every inch of modern life, and it’s important to help kids connect with that and understand the world around them a little easier.  At home in downtown Little Rock, this beautiful museum is on the Arkansas river and focuses on STEM, offering countless interactive exhibits.  From checking out a record-breaking musical bi-polar tesla coil to checking out live animals, your kids will have the time of their lives! 

Little Rock Zoo

If you want to reward your kid with fun after a long week of looking at Little Rock houses for sale, why not take them to the zoo?  This 100-year-old zoo has over 200 species represented in the 725 animals that call it home.  From silverback gorillas to beautiful tigers and awesome zebras, you’ll be stunned by how large and gorgeous these animals are in real life.


The best part is the zoo helps with conservation and education, which means your kids can learn about why they’re working to save and support these beautiful animals.

Big Rock Mini Golf

Although there’s a lot about Little Rock that makes it unique, all kids love the chance to play mini-golf!  This large business actually houses dozens of things to do, from checking out batting cages to racing go-karts or even playing in the arcade. Your kids will never run out of things to do.


This is a great place to let them have fun and be kids while also getting to run off some of that energy that can be a lot to deal with at times! 

Julius Breckling Riverfront Park

Large beautiful parks are something every city could use more of.  The Julius Breckling Riverfront Park is a fantastic example of blending the city and nature together seamlessly.  From the endless paths to the tall and dense groves of trees, your kids will love exploring and playing here! 

Promenade At Chenal

Although this lifestyle center isn’t the classic park that someone would visit, it does offer a lot to see and do for families with kids!  This open-air mall provides the chance to shop, lounge, eat tasty food, and connect with one another.  Whether you get ice cream together in the summer or enjoy the beautiful lights in the winter, this can be a fun place to stop and walk around.

It’s Easy to Have Fun in Little Rock!

Whether this is your first time in Little Rock and you’re getting used to the area, or you live here and want to get out more, Little Rock is an incredible city!  Consider stopping at some of these attractions soon.

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