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Continental Tyres

Information that you need to know:

The top producer of cars and light trucks, Continental is also the fourth-largest producer of tyres for the original equipment and aftermarket. The business employs more than 190 thousand highly qualified individuals operating at 554 enterprises in 61 countries. With such a workforce, we can lead the automobile sector’s growth in the direction of environmental sustainability. At Continental tyres Wolverhampton We contribute to automobiles’ safety, economy, and environmental friendliness by providing smart, high-tech goods and services.

Some important information about brands of continental tyres:

WinterContact™ TS 870

  • Maintain complete control of ice and snow-covered roadways.
  • Due to the exceptional braking capability on wet terrain and the lack of hydroplaning, maintain the movement’s trajectory.
  • Cover long distances with little fuel consumption

VikingContact™ 7

  • excellent traction on wet and icy surfaces
  • Excellent directional stability during the whole winter season.
  • exceptional traction and braking on icy surfaces

IceContact™ 3

  • optimum performance for the duration of the tyre’s life thanks to soldered spikes;
  • double studding for secure braking, acceleration, and slick bends;
  • handling in snow and slush situations were greatly improved.

ContiVikingContact™ 6

  • enhanced handling and traction on snow
  • better traction on the ice
  • Utilizing Adaptive Twin Block technology, dry roads benefit from excellent handling and grip.

IceContact™ 2

  • 50% more studs per meter of the rolling circle and an ideal stud distribution result in improved grip.
  • Innovative Stud On Retention Technology makes it more secure
  • Optimized pockets for capturing and evacuating ice chips away from the stud body development in a shorter stopping distance on ice.

WinterContact™ TS 860 S

  • Excellent snow traction for unrivaled driving enjoyment
  • Excellent dry handling for the finest steering precision 
  • Best braking performance for the highest level of safety in the winter

ContiWinterContact™ TS 850

  • enhanced braking on icy, snowy, and wet road surfaces
  • Excellent stability over the entire winter
  • greater mileage and reduced rolling resistance result in improved fuel efficiency.

WinterContact TS™ 850 P

  • Excellent snow traction due to a unique tyre pattern
  • Snow handling is normaly improved using PrecisionPlus technology.
  • Better handling qualities as a result of the PowerSipes sipes

WinterContact TS™ 860

  • In any winter weather conditions, Cool Chili TM technology offers superb braking performance.
  • On snowy roads, Liquid Layer DrainageTM technology helps shorten braking distances.
  • On snowy roads, Snow Curve+ technology enables safe turns.

Continental ContiWinterContact™ TS 830

  • improved braking on snowy surfaces as a result of numerous blocks in the shoulder area
  • Excellent braking on cold and slick surfaces
  • Tyres are normally made specifically for automobiles with contemporary electronic safety systems.

Continental ContiWinterContact™ TS 810

  • great performance in wet situations, 
  • excellent grip,
  • excellent braking on ice and snow

Qualities that force you to choose the continental as the best tyre for your vehicle:

Our priority is keeping you secure. Therefore, when producing Car tyres Wolverhampton, Continental takes into account every factor that can have an impact on safety and driving comfort. Before going into series manufacturing, all cutting-edge Continental products are normaly put through a rigorous testing process. Every new tyre must travel hundreds of kilometers on Contidrom, our primary testing facility. 140,000 tyres are easily tested annually in a variety of scenarios. Our professional test drivers have traveled 500 times around the Earth in the last year alone.

More than any other manufacturer, we test our tyres. Additionally, our tyres must perform well in unbiased tests. And we’ve succeeded in this: According to the findings of independent tests, Continental tyres consistently top the rankings. Additionally, we have received accolades for being the top tyre producer from publications in the UK market. These accomplishments make us proud since they further prove that Continental tyres provide all-weather driving safety. 


To create tyres that are safe, effective, and trustworthy, Continental employs both conventional and cutting-edge testing techniques. Testing, from virtual simulation to objective and subjective testing, is a crucial component of every stage of tyre development, according to R&D specialist Andreas Schlenke.

Progress of continental:

The prosperity of the Continental began with the establishment of the business in Hannover, Germany, in 1871. When someone wished to achieve their vision of mobility, we were always willing to assist them. Our technology, systems, and service solutions have improved mobility and transportation at every stage of our history by making it safer, more convenient, individualized, and economical.


Tests conducted worldwide continue to favor  Car tyres in Wolverhampton. Our products have obtained 511 top marks in 653 independent tests since 2007, a record-breaking 78% success rate. We are especially proud of the fact that the Continental brand was formally named the greatest tyre manufacturer of the past 50 years by AutoMotorSport magazine and that it consistently wins the German Motorist Association’s important winter and summer tyre tests. We may be easily trusted by auto manufacturers, according to excellent test results. And for this reason, Continental tyres are standard equipment on every third automobile.


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