A Complete Guide to Formatting Text on Discord

discord text formatting

;;Using discord can be puzzling if you do not know how it is done also; you might have seen your friends and family using all sorts of formatting tricks like to bold text, italicize it, etc on discord. 

In this blog we are going to guide you so that you are aware how discord code formatting is done because when you will know the codes or command for the same, then only you will be able to do the text formatting. 

To help you to show off to your friends and family we have prepared this guide in which you can learn everything about discord command text so without any further ad on let us begin with the process. 

Discord Mark Down – Understand the Discord Text Formatting Engine 

Discord uses markdown so that text can be formatted, and if we talk in simple terms then markdown is actually a mark up language which is usually used for formatting forum text discussions; for read me files and also to convert text on discord into rich text. 

It is a lightweight language which is quite simple and easy to understand and discord text formatting generator usually uses commands to bold, underline or italics the text. 

Know How to Format Text on Discord Platform 

Bold text in Discord

You can use this when you want to put emphasis on some text by making it bold and for this you must add two asterisks which are (**) which is discord command text at both ending as well as beginning of the text. 

You will find asterisks on number key 8 and it will be added when you will press the number 8 key and shift together. 

Italicize in Discord

If you will italicize your text then it will look a lot more stylish than normal text, italics will make your text slant. 

To make your text italics you are required to add one asterisk each at the start as well as the end of the text you are writing which will make your text look like this, *discord text*. 

Strikethrough in Discord

This style in discord can be used when you want to show your text as crossed out; passing a horizontal line through it. 

The tilde key which is (~) will make your text cross but only when it is added at the end and start of the text. You will find tilde at the no. 1 button and when you press it with shift then you will get tilde (~) will be generated. 

Underline in Discord

To have more emphasis on your text you can underline your text in discord text formatting and for this you will need to add two underscores at end and start of text which will look like this __discord text__ 

International Keyboard Layouts

Although the English keyboard layout has the asterisk (*) symbol on the same key as the ‘8’ key, the tilde (~) and the backslash (`) on the same key, as well as the hyphen and emphasis n ‘the same key, not that one. the same everywhere.

Depending on the keyboard you are using, the location of these icons will also be different. You will need to make adjustments depending on which one you are using. Below you can see the different positions of ‘*’ on different keyboards around the world:

  • Belgium (French): Shift+$ (key to the right of ^¨)
  • France (French): * (right key of ù%)
  • Switzerland (French): Shift+3
  • Germany: Shift+[+] (key to the right of Ü)
  • Italian: Shift+[+] (key to the right of the arrow)
  • Spain (Spanish): Shift+[+] (key to the right of `^)
  • (Latin America): Shift+[+] ((key to the right of ′¨)
  • Sweden (Swedish): Shift+’ (key to the right of Ä)

To get to know more about discord and its text formatting you can try to have access to a website named Allinsider which is a good site for you to refer to which you will also find useful. 

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