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do a barrel roll 10 times

Go to Google and type in do a barrel roll x200 and watch what happens, alternatively you can type z or you can also type r which is actually a reference to the maneuver star fox. 

The fun trick is to talk about it over twitter where it is a very popular and trending topic. Quick, email your mother, you can also call your dad, and you can also text your best friend because this Google easter egg isn’t going to be oh so less exciting once everyone gets to know about it. 

About do a barrel roll – Everything you must know. 

Do a barrel roll 10 times has been trending on the twitter and for this all thanks is to Google’s homepage where the fun query has millions and millions of people literally rolling. 

The number of people on the social networks like on Facebook or on twitter which has suggesting a do a barell roll on Google which is increasing every single minute. 

This is the latest barrel roll of Google, easter egg which is reminiscent of nintnedoo 64 star game fox 64 in which the player are advised to do a barrel toll when you are facing danger. 

How to do a barrel roll?

Do you want to know how you can do a barrel roll 20 times then this is the perfect place for you to know about it, so let us begin to tell you how you can do so. 

You need to press enter even it is for just five seconds where you can do a quick 360 degree spin on the search page of Google and then you can come back. 

With the goal of making search more you can get entertaining for the users, and Google is back and not alone but rolling with this feature.  

There are a few samples tweets as well from twitter which has do a barrel roll trending and then they can also gain tremendous popularity and some of the things are like – 

“Nice to see Google still have a sense of humor with the barrel roll”

“The do a barrel roll is one of the coolest things which Google has ever done.”

“Do a barrel roll on Google which has cracked me up”

Just like the Google doodles which are spruces up the Google homepage the game of barrel roll adds an element of fun to the visitors, however the barrel roll game does not functions on all the browsers which are operational. It seems that the game seems to work best using the firefox and chrome browser.   

Use this knowledge and do a barrel roll and enjoy the game as you want. You will surely enjoy the game when you will play with and will get addicted to the game. 

We believe that the information which has been perfect for you and you were able to use this information for your benefit. Not only this, but you can also share this information with people who want them.

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