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custom cereal boxes

What Are the Ways to Customize an Exclusive Cereal Box?

Today, there is a massive contest in the market. You can stand out your food brand with customized boxes. Custom cereal boxes give extra protection and an eye-catchy look to the cereals. A bespoke package with a logo design looks very appealing and can attract the attention of onlookers in a moment. So, you must be thinking about whom to choose for reliable services! You may call us at +1-800-347-2197, email support@icustomboxes.com or visit the website www.icustomboxes.com. You can get custom-made cereal boxes in any customized design and layout with iCustomBoxes.

Choose The Suitable Style and Shape of The Box

The style or shape of the box may seem like a regular thing. But it has enormous significance in branding. Most people face difficulty regarding the box’s size and shape. Some packages come in extra large or small sizes. The process of customization starts with the box’s design. You can tell us the product’s dimensions, like width, length, and thickness.

Customize Cereal Box with Innovative Print Design and Colors

The outlook of the box plays an essential part in marketing. When it comes to food, the presentation of food matters a lot. The onlookers notice the box packaging more than the packed items. You can make your cereal box packaging eye-catchy with attractive artwork and illustrations. Our printing methods include offset, digital, and screen printing. Digital and offset are often used methods. At the same time, screen printing is done to the demands of the clients. You can go for full-color printing of the box or no color.

i. Selection of Premium Quality Packaging Material:

Before buying the cereal, customers ensure it is safe and fresh. The material of packaging plays a significant role. It must make sure to use food-grade material. For food safety, you can choose kraft and cardboard paper. They are sustainable and prevent cereal from heat, moisture, contamination, etc.

ii. Personalize the Cereal Box with Logo Design:

There is competition in the market. Each brand wants to lead the market and excel over its competitors. You can design the cereal box with the logo to create a distinct identity for your brand. Your brand name will be imprinted in the customers’ minds in the long run. You can also apply spot UV or embossing to outstand the logo images.

iii. Customize Cereal Boxes with Character Customization:

You can customize the print design keeping in view the target audiences. Cereal is the most liked snacked by kids. You can print custom cereal boxes wholesale with the kid’s favorite animated designs. You can print the box with the children’s favorite cartoon characters like superman, Sherlock Holmes, or tom jerry. Besides this, you can also print the box with the product’s description, ingredients in the cereals, their price and expiry date, etc.

Add-Ons Options for Cereal Box Packaging:

Add-ons are used for the decoration and security purposes of the box packaging. To make packaging more fascinating, you can customize cereal boxes with add-ons like die-cuts and handles.

• Cereal Box with Die-Cuts

The primary purpose of the box is to give extra product protection. A die-cut box is an appropriate one.  The cardboard die-cut box is sturdy enough and keeps inside items protected.

• Cereal Box with handles

A box with handles is easy to carry and display. we customize the boxes with handles based on the client’s demand.


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  • Our rush delivery contains 9 to 12 business days.
  • We offer free creative design assistance from our expert staff.
  • We offer 2D and 3D digital design mock-ups for clients’ satisfaction.
  • Our company offers cutting-edge services at very affordable prices.

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