Fort Wayne Car Accident Claims: Is it Necessary to have a Lawyer?

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Your life may turn upside down after a car crash, and such mishaps are not unheard of in Fort Wayne. An accident can not only result in serious injuries but can also lead to severe financial losses that can be hard to grapple with. If you are suffering because of another driver’s negligent driving, you need to take steps to get compensated, as Indiana is a fault state. In such circumstances, you may find yourself wondering whether it is necessary to hire a Fort Wayne car accident attorney. Check these pointers to make a decision.

Consider your injuries

If you escaped the accident with just minor injuries, you can possibly manage to use the insurance money to cover the medical bills. However, when your injuries include brain & spinal cord damage, disfiguration, or multiple fractures, the settlement should be higher, which can be hard to recover. Also, it often happens that pain and symptoms surface days after the crash, which can complicate things. Talk to an attorney at the least to know what to do next.

Liability and fault

There are often disputes about who or what caused a car accident, and when two parties have a share in fault, the outcome can be complex. If you think you were distracted, speeding, or negligent while driving when the mishap happened, hiring an attorney is a better idea as they can find better ways and strategies to recover a settlement. The insurance company will try to use evidence against you, and if your claim is not strong enough, your chances are slim.

Inadequate settlement

You should talk to a legal expert for your case when you have been offered a settlement that’s lower than what you deserve. This happens often with insurance companies that are more interested in premiums rather than payouts. Don’t let the insurance claims adjuster let you believe that you don’t have an option. Your lawyer can negotiate better and discuss the matter in detail, and if things don’t proceed in the right direction, they will file a direct civil lawsuit.

In conclusion

When you don’t understand the legal system or how to deal with paperwork and insurance jargon, you shouldn’t risk your claim. There are also deadlines to adhere to, and if you don’t work swiftly, you may lose time to collect evidence. Get an attorney on your team to make the most of the situation, especially when the stakes are high.

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