GimKit: An online learning game for teachers and students


The reality of GimKit:

GimKit is for students and teachers which helps in learning because it is a quiz-learning game. So GimKit is a game show for the classroom that needs knowledge, cooperation, and strategy to win. And this platform is a live game of classroom which we can use for homework assessments. So these are arranged automatically and it makes a report detailing what our students need help with. Create from scrape, import an existing quiz from Quizlet, or copy a quiz from it to change for your use. And students will complete their quizzes at their step within the owing date. After completing the quiz students can earn money and then reinvest in it to upgrade that aligns with their strengths. So we use the GimKit dashboard to view students’ progress and earnings and additional formative data. And only five people can join the live game show.

Today’s GimKit:

Now GimKit is today’s revelation and very suitable for gamifiying our classroom. So this Game platform allows teachers to build quizzes for students that have to solve. And they make themselves famous as a game show for the classroom that needs information, support, and policy of win. So in this platform, students will answer questions on their devices at their step. And students will get visible to the questions many times to guarantee mastery throughout a Kit. Also, students can earn cash in the game to correctly answer the questions. But incorrect answers will cost them so be careful. And they also reinvest their money by buying promotions and power-ups that outfit their strengths. So Futmax helps students with live game shows and that game are the puzzle. This type of game makes students active in their minds and also increases their practical and thought skills.

Pricing model of GimKit:

We can use GimKit for free to set up classes, gather data, and play class games as an instructor. And also we can use it with many students as we need as an instructor. So the free version will give you only access to three GimKit game modes at a time. And we won’t be able to use it for assignments or add audio and images to your quizzes. So GimKit provides you with paid plans to help you get clear of these limitations and gain access. For one teacher its price is $9.99 monthly and $59.88 annually. So it also provides group plans for departments which price is $650 per year for up to 20 teachers. And for school, the price is $1000 per year for your whole school. So all these prices are reasonable for teachers and provide many benefits to them.

Joining number in GimKit:

The number of players that can join a game of Pixwox depends on internet consistency and constancy. But if you want more players that join your classroom game show then a more suitable connection will be required. So this fast and more reliable connection keeps up with all the players. And the hard limit for the number of students that can join the game of GimKit is almost 500 students.

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