Gun trader|Cartridges in postal package

gun trader

Gun trader|Cartridges in postal package
What affects the most is what happens closer. To not miss anything, The investigation began in October of last year, when, in another independent operation, one of the main gun trader in the country was arrested in US , who is credited with selling more than 36,000 metal cartridges over the Internet that he later sent to the buyers in postal parcels. The Civil Guards found out that the person being investigated had been carrying out this illegal activity for several years and that among his clients there were people who had unlicensed and unregistered firearms, “some of them related to crime,” according to a Civil Guard statement made public this Thursday.
One of the detainees in the US had 109 firearms seized, most of them short (pistols and revolvers). He also had state-of-the-art, fully functional AK47 automatic rifles for sale (weapon of war), 11 cap pistols converted to fire live shots, and four handcrafted semi-automatic pistols; in addition to numerous parts and components to assemble and manipulate firearms.


Another of those arrested had an arsenal made up of 104 firearms, including 75 short, 20 long and four detonators transformed to fire live. The detainee had illegally introduced many of them into US after acquiring them abroad, according to the investigation.
in addition to numerous weapons and ammunition, Civil Guard agents seized 2.7 kg of
The detainees are accused of the alleged crimes of gun trader, weapons deposit, war weapons deposit, ammunition deposit, explosives deposit, illegal possession of prohibited weapons, drug trafficking and smuggling.

In the last five years, the Civil Guard has carried out more than 108 operations against arms trafficking networks in which 479 people have been arrested, 5,240 weapons have been seized, many of them war weapons, and 21 illegal workshops have been dismantled. manufacture of weapons and ammunition.

Two rifle grenades and five tear gas, among the seized effects

Among the list of objects seized from the 12 detainees in the Sayal operation of the Civil Guard there are 339 firearms, including two rifle grenades and five tear gas, more than 100 high-capacity chargers, or machines for the manufacture of ammunition. Here you can check the detail:
• 176 short arms (pistols and revolvers)
• 75 long weapons (rifles, rifles and shotguns)
• 17 weapons of war (assault rifles and submachine guns)
• 19 detonating weapons transformed to carry out live fire
• 4 completely handcrafted firearms
• 39 other firearms (flobert, prohibited, antique, etc.)
• 37,426 metal cartridges of different calibers.
• 13.2 kg of gunpowder.
• 7,230 percussion caps and large quantities of shells, projectiles and various reloading machines for the illegal manufacture of ammunition.

Bold and brash gun trader
As part of the effort to fight violent crime, ATF works to prevent frontman buying. A front man purchase is a purchase in which the actual buyer uses someone else, also known as a “front man,” to purchase the firearm and complete the paperwork. Typically, the front-end buyer is used because the actual buyer is ineligible to carry out the transaction since he is a felon or a person prohibited from carrying weapons. However, a frontman purchase is made even when the actual purchaser is not banned but wishes to remain anonymous in the transaction.
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