Gwadar people district consists of four tehsils

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Gwadar is a port city on the southwestern coast of the Arabian Sea. Gwadar people in the Baluchistan province of Pakistan. The Government of Pakistan annexed Gwadar. to Baluchistan province on 1 July 1977 as the district seat of a newly formed state. Gwadar district and in 2011 as the winter capital of Baluchistan province.

Gwadar district consists of four tehsils

The district, Gwadar has a population of 235,000 and covers an area of 15,210 square kilometers. Its coastline stretches for about 600 km. Gwadar people district consists of four tehsils Jiwani, Pasni and Ormara.History and place In 1983. The Khan of Kalat ceded Gwadar to Timur Sultan, the defeated ruler of Muscat. When the Sultan later recaptured Muscat. he would continue his rule in Gwadar by appointing a governor. On September 8, 1958, Pakistan bought the Gwadar enclave from Oman. Gwadar officially became part of Pakistan on 8 December 1958. Gwadar district bounded by Awaran and Lasbela in the east. Iran in the west, Arabian Sea in the south and Kech district in the north the weather.

The climate of Gwadar people

Gwadar lies between 0 and 300 meters above sea level. It is predominantly dry, arid and hot. with oceanic influence keeping temperatures low in summer and high in winter. Winters are milder than summers compared to interior Gwadar. The climate of Gwadar is semi-arid with hot summers. with a maximum temperature of 35 °C and falling to 13 °C during the months of January and February. economy In the past. Gwadar’s economy was mainly dependent on fishing. but now its economy is changing as Gwadar people is gradually transforming into a major port city.

Important maritime trade

Gwadar located in Baluchistan (province of Pakistan) at the very entrance to the Persian Gulf. in the upper reaches of the Indian Ocean on an important maritime trade route. It is a Hammerhead peninsula in the western part of Makran. The peninsula has two almost perfect, but naturally curved semi-circular gulfs. namely Paddi Zir (Western Gulf) and Demi Zir (Eastern Gulf). The city of Gwadar located 472 km west of Karachi, 80 km east of the Iranian border. and about 320 km northeast of Cape Al-Had in Oman, and close to the Iranian ports of Chahbahar and Bandar Abbas. Gwadar located at the crossroads of three economically powerful regions of the world.

Important strategic

Middle East, Central Asia and South Asia. Hence, this geographical location gives it a very important strategic location. Gwadar means Gate of Winds in Balochi. The Makran region around Gwadar occupied by unidentified Bronze Age people. who settled on some rivers. It later became the Gedrosia region of the Persian Achaemenid Empire. The Gwadar people region believed to have conquered by Cyrus the Great, the founder of the Persian Empire. respectively Gwadar, city and port, southwestern Baluchistan province, southwestern Pakistan. Located on the sandy Nuh Promontory jutting south into the Arabian Sea. The city is an important center for fishing (sardines and sharks) and trade.

Fish processing factory

The main industrial concern is a fish processing factory. Salt obtained by evaporating seawater. Gwadar became part of the Sultanate of Muscat. and Oman in 1797, and it was not until 1958 that Oman ceded the city and the adjacent hinterland to Pakistan. The adjoining hinterland to the north drained. by several small streams, including the Dasht river. They raise millet (sorghum), wheat, barley, dates and cattle. Highways connect Gwadar city to Pasni to the east and Turbat to the northeast. Pop. (early 1998) city, 43,850. About Green Palms to Gwadar.

Green Palms Housing Project

Overseas District is the residential. and the commercial phase of the Green Palms Gwadar housing project. Due to its strategic and excellent location. The project has already become the first choice of our clients. With a frontage of 1.25 km on Makran Coastal Highway. and 1 km on Kahn Avenue, Green Palms Housing Project is minutes away. from the Central Business District Marine Drive Downtown Gwadar. and New for Gwadar people International Airport. Overseas District is an ideal place for quality living in Gwadar.

The Overseas District offers

The Overseas District offers a new dimension of high standard of living. with residential and commercial plots of various sizes and amenities based on international standards. The development work of the overseas district is already underway.
The Overseas District offers a new dimension of high standard of living with residential. and commercial plots of various sizes.

Comfortable and peaceful life.

An opportunity to experience quality living. in an integrated community with all the amenities. and an exceptionally well-managed security. and the maintenance system will ensure a comfortable and peaceful life. Some of the amenities include the Grand Mosque, Community Club. School Shopping Center and Medical Care.
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