Hero Pleasure Scooty: Draw the Attention on Two Wheels

Hero pleasures scooty

In the old Hero pleasure model (2010–2015 around), the engine capacity was 100cc. In today’s market, Hero pleasure or Pleasure plus comes with a 110cc engine. Accordingly, the new Pleasure offers a mileage of 50–55 km per litre of petrol. If you are riding on a highway, this estimate applies.

The mileage will decrease if there is traffic or if the road is small. Due to the smaller engine capacity of the old pleasure model, it should consume less petrol than the new model. There was a claim that it would provide a mileage of 60 to 65 kilometers. It was pretty much acceptable since it was a 100cc scooty under 70000. Over time, however, the engine depreciates, and the capacity to burn less fuel and give higher efficiency decreases.

Hero Pleasure:

Mumbai’s Hero Pleasure is priced from Rs. 50,000 ex-showroom to Rs. 56,000 on-road.
Power comes from a single-cylinder, 102cc engine producing 6.9bhp and 8.1Nm of torque.
You’ll get 63 kmpl from it. About 101 kilograms weigh it.

Designed specifically for female riders, Hero pleasure scooty is a light, breezy design. In order to attract female customers, the brand chose trendy paint schemes that are up-market. A proprietary brake design called an Integrated Braking system provides additional safety for the brand. In addition to Hero Maestro Edge, Hero Maestro also uses this technology.

As a result of pressing the left brake lever, both the rear and front brakes are engaged, reducing the speed more confidently. In addition to the upgrades and advancements in the Pleasure model, a well-lit glove box is available, as are safety indicators on the side stands. Hero Pleasure receives a new display as part of the upgraded instrument cluster. A feature like this adds to your overall riding comfort experience.

Hero Pleasure Price:

A spoke-wheel version of the Hero Pleasure is there on the market right now, as is an alloy-wheel model. It costs Rs. 46,100/- for the spoke wheel variant. Mumbai showroom price (ex-showroom).

Price lists for popular Hero Pleasure variants:

This is the current price list for some of the more popular Hero Pleasure versions currently available on the market.

Electric Start Hero Pleasure with Spoke Wheels and Drum Brake: Rs. 46,100
Electric Start Hero Pleasure Drum Brake and Alloy Wheels: Rs. 51,100

It was first launched by Hero-Honda in 2005 and primarily targeted women. The marketing campaign was led by a tagline designed to appeal to female riders: ‘why should boys have all the fun?’ it appeared to have worked, and today that same tagline continues to draw fans in!

Despite the new lineup of Pleasures, this tagline maintains its popularity with the older bike models. A trend-setting colour scheme has been added to the most updated version of the Hero Pleasure. Hero Pleasure has received one more feature that is very critical – the new integrated braking systems.

As with the Maestro and Duet, this brake system is also available. A combi-brake system is the brand’s proprietary system that greatly improves this scooter’s braking and stability when compared to hero pleasures scooty without the system. As soon as the brakes are applied, both rear and front tires are engaged by IBS. Doing so will allow you to brake more effectively, even in an emergency, and you will not slide.

That’s not what we meant! The Hero Pleasure offers additional upgrades, including a well-lit glove box that can be locked. It even has a safety sensor, combi-ignition locks, and an indicator for the side stand. There is also a charging point for smartphones and a modern instrument cluster. In this brand-new and improved Hero Pleasure, you get a single-cylinder engine with a 102 cc capacity. That’s strong enough to generate over 6.9 bhp power and over 8.1 nm torque. A 4-stroke, air-cooled engine is mated to the automatic gearbox on the Hero Pleasure. A steel wheel model or an alloy wheel model is your choice.


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