House Rentals and Homeowner Associations: Rules and Fees

House Rentals

Renting a house can offer many benefits, including more space and privacy compared to apartment living. However, it’s essential to understand that some house rentals are subject to homeowner associations (HOAs). In this article, we’ll delve into what homeowner associations are, the rules they impose, and the fees associated with house rentals in HOA communities.

Understanding Homeowner Associations (HOAs)

A homeowner association is typically a nonprofit organization formed by the residents of a community, such as a housing development or condominium complex. The primary purpose of an HOA is to manage and maintain common areas and enforce community rules and regulations.

Rules and Regulations

When you rent a house within an HOA community, you are subject to the rules and regulations established by the association. These rules can cover a wide range of areas, including:

  • Exterior Modifications: HOAs often have guidelines regarding what you can and cannot do to the exterior of the property. This may include restrictions on paint colors, landscaping changes, and the installation of features like satellite dishes.
  • Use of Common Areas: HOAs maintain common areas such as parks, pools, and recreational facilities. The rules may specify when and how you can use these amenities.
  • Pets: HOAs commonly have pet policies that dictate the types and number of pets allowed, as well as rules about pet behavior.
  • Noise and Nuisance: HOAs may have rules related to noise levels and behaviors that could disturb neighbors.
  • Parking: Some HOAs regulate parking, including where residents and guests can park and any requirements for parking permits.
  • Renting: HOAs may have restrictions on renting out properties within the community. They may require you to register your rental or limit the number of rental properties allowed.
  • Architectural Approvals: If you wish to make exterior modifications to the rental property, you may need to seek approval from the HOA’s architectural review board.

It’s essential to thoroughly review the HOA’s rules and regulations before renting a house within their jurisdiction. Failure to comply with these rules can result in fines and other penalties.

HOA Fees

HOAs are funded through fees paid by homeowners, and these fees can also apply to renters. HOA fees cover the cost of maintaining common areas, enforcing rules, and managing the association’s finances. Some key points to know about HOA fees in house rentals include:

  • Monthly Dues: HOA fees are typically paid on a monthly basis. These fees can vary widely based on the community’s amenities and services.
  • Inclusion in Rent: In some cases, the landlord may include HOA fees in the rent, meaning you pay them as part of your monthly rent payment.
  • Separate Payments: In other instances, you may be responsible for paying HOA fees separately from your rent. This is important to clarify with your landlord before signing a lease.
  • Late Fees: Just like rent, HOA fees may come with late payment penalties if not paid on time.
  • Consequences of Non-Payment: If HOA fees are not paid, both the homeowner (landlord) and tenant could face consequences. These can include fines, liens on the property, or even legal action.

Benefits of HOAs

While HOAs come with rules and fees, they can also offer benefits for renters:

  • Amenities: Many HOA communities offer amenities such as pools, gyms, and parks that are well-maintained and available for residents to enjoy.
  • Maintenance: HOAs are responsible for maintaining common areas, which means you can often rely on prompt snow removal, landscaping, and other essential services.
  • Community Standards: HOAs can help maintain a higher standard of living in the community by enforcing rules that promote cleanliness and curb appeal.


Renting a house within an HOA community comes with its own set of rules and fees that can impact your renting experience. It’s crucial to understand the HOA’s rules and regulations and clarify any questions or concerns with your landlord before signing a lease. Additionally, be prepared to budget for HOA fees, whether they are included in your rent or paid separately.

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