How Does Paint Protection Film Work, And Is It Deserving Of The Publicity?

Paint Protection Film

Car protection film has a well-known solution for shielding vehicle exteriors. Moreover, that from the harmful effects of everyday driving. In this blog, we dig deep into Paint Protection Film and consider whether purchasing it is worthwhile.


Paint Protective Film (PPF), also called Clear Bra, is a transparent film eight mils thick and constructed of polyurethane. It also has a specially designed glue at the back that firmly sticks to the vehicle’s exterior. PPF can protect current paint or vinyl wrap from severe driving conditions. The self-healing qualities of paint gets activated by heat. However, making scratches heal entirely on their own whenever some heat gets applied.

The fact that paint protection film saves you money for a panel fix is one of its best aspects. If something occurs and the vehicle gets dented, you won’t have to change the entire component or paint it. If the vehicle has PPF protection, a team of skilled fitters will remove the film and change it with a new one. PPF typically sustains elemental damage from everyday driving.

However, PPF won’t be able to shield the paint if the vehicle is in a severe accident because the result is overly strong areas of damage.

Key Components:

  • Self Repair – With heat, most marks will vanish.
  • Textured- matte and glossy finishes
  • Stain blockage and discolouration – The film stays clear even in the most terrible conditions.
  • No yellowing- Film won’t turn yellow due to UV radiation.
  • Edge Seal Innovation – Film won’t begin to lift at the edges
  • Mirror-like Surface – Coating should look just like the original paint.
  • Durability – Increased damage shielding

Advantages of Paint Protection Film:

  • Safety from stone chips, scrapes, and dents
  • Safety from spills, marks, bird droppings, and bug guts
  • Guarding against the harmful effects of UV radiation
  • Repairability is straightforward.
  • Maintainability of the sale price
  • Long-term product guarantee


External specification and a wash are the first steps in the installation method. It is crucial to ensure the vehicle’s exterior is dust-free and spotless. To ensure that the car’s exterior is free of pretty smart impurities, they use clay bars.

The installation method then starts. A wet installation method get used to apply Paint Protection Film. First, a thick layer of installation gel or a cleaning solution gets applied directly to the vehicle’s exterior. After that, each sheet of the material is similarly affixed to the panel and sprayed. The spraying solution makes the glue active and easier to manipulate and position the material.

To ensure that everything dries and the glue sets, the vehicle gets placed inside for a 12-hour curing procedure. And that too once all the portions have got placed.


The application of paint protection film can get made in two ways.

Pre-cut (DAP)

A cutter is frequently used to pre-cut Paint Protection film using DAP software. Every portion get cut precisely to match the component it is being put to. DAP software showcases a vast collection of PPF layouts created for every car component. There is no trimming anticipated throughout this setup because specific pieces of the material fit each panel.


Fitters also occasionally use a different tactic. It’s known as bulking. When bulking, the film gets placed directly on the vehicle component and trimmed around the edges. In Vinyl Wraps, a similar installation technique gets used. When dealing with places where a pre-cut alternative is not present. Such as customized body kits, bulking is typically used on parts needing more excellent cover.


Paint Protection Films get created uncomplicated so that the initial paint shade can get seen. Nevertheless, more series of shaded paint protection films have recently got produced. The most well-known categories of paint protection films now on the market will get covered in this part.

Glossy PPF

Glossy Finish Film is one of the most often used kinds of Paint Protection Film. It has a glossy finish and is simple. This kind of film is frequently used on a glossy vehicles.

Matte PPF

Matte PPF is yet another kind of film. It gets utilized in two scenarios: when the car is matte, and the owner wants to shield it. Or on the other hand, when the car is glossy, the owner needs to modify the appearance and increase safety. If a glossy automobile has matte PPF, Partial PPF wrap is not an option because wrapped portions. However, it will appear entirely different from unwrapped parts.

Coloured PPF

Translucent, explicit Paint Protection car protection film Birmingham are no longer the only option. Various organizations have recently distributed various coloured and textured Paint Protection Films. The primary function of PPF is no longer to shield the car from harm.

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