How to Be Confident During the IELTS Speaking Test?

IELTS speaking test

Well, sounding confident during the IELTS speaking test is quite easy if you are familiar with the English language. We often believe that learning a language is limited to memorizing its vocabulary and grammar rules. However, you need more than just these to learn the English language profoundly. To become proficient in the language, you must practice exposing yourself to the English language. Do you remember how proficiently our instructors used to speak English? That’s simply because they immerse themselves in the language on a daily basis and frequently advise us to do the same.

To sound confident during the IELTS speaking test, you need sincere practice for months before taking the exam. In this article, we will illustrate some tips that can help you sound confident during the IELTS speaking test.

Make sure to take a careful glance at the available exam dates on the official website of the exam governing body before you book the IELTS exam date.

Sound confident during the IELTS speaking test by adhering to the tips mentioned below:

Polish your knowledge of the basics

An English language learner must practice the fundamental grammatical rules constantly. The fundamentals that you should know include Verbs, infinitives, gerunds, stance structure, active and passive voice, prepositions, conjunctions, etc. Prepositions will be challenging for you to learn because they are known to be very perplexing. But persevere; you will undoubtedly become proficient in using prepositions with time.

Speak naturally

No matter what, avoid stressing yourself to speak English. While speaking English try to be natural as much as you can. Speaking smoothly and stress-free is very necessary to become proficient in English. Accept that mistakes will be made or perhaps others will make fun of you. Avoid letting it affect your self-confidence. In fact, analyze your mistakes and work on improving them and not repeating them. Remember, English is a language that can be learned with sincere practice regularly for three months.

Ingrain patience

To successfully climb the success ladder, one must first take the first step with patience. Learning English requires patience and constant effort from the candidates. To start speaking English, you only need to make a few simple preparations: get profound knowledge of the basic sentence structure, learn gerunds and infinitives and learn English vocabulary. Then, you must move on to studying the intricate English rules. If you find it difficult to articulate complex English sentences. Then, try short phrases to increase your confidence for your IELTS speaking test.

Read newspaper

There is no doubt that the newspaper is a well-known good source for upgrading English language proficiency. We are pretty sure that you must have been advised to make an English newspaper a part of your daily routine to gain proficiency in the English language. Well, this is true as newspapers introduce a vast vocabulary and serve as a source to immerse ourselves in the English language.

Grab a good dictionary

It is advisable to elevate the level of your English vocabulary by learning new words from an official dictionary. Note that an official and popular dictionary matters a lot for you if you intend to speak English fluently. Try to learn new words daily but don’t learn more than 5 words as learning more than 5 words daily can make things confusing for you. Thus, use the right approach to learning the English vocabulary and use new words daily to remember them with their profound meanings.

Be elaborative

One thing that you need to pay attention to is that you have to try to give elaborative answers when you can. The examiner will ask you questions to take a deep insight into your fluency and proficiency in the English language. This is only possible if you are giving elaborative answers to the examiners.

Book the PTE exam dates the same way as in the IELTS exam. Visit the official website, go through the available exam dates, and select the one that suits your preferences.


So, sounding confident during the IELTS speaking test is no more a challenging task anymore if you abide by the instructions illustrated above. We hope that you will acquire a profound understanding of the IELTS speaking test through youtube videos and the suggestions of the exam toppers.

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