How To Draw A Cartoon Soccer Ball

How To Draw A Cartoon Soccer Ball

How To Draw A Cartoon Soccer Ball. There are numerous other sporting events that people around the world value are watching and playing. Among all these, football is known to be the most popular, and billions of fans worldwide exist. Whether practiced in the most prestigious stadiums or the garden, it is a sport accessible to all! The ball used for the game may look quite simple, but learning how to draw a cartoon soccer ball can be tricky.

This is what we will cover in this tutorial because we will show you how to draw this famous ball in a simple and fun way! So get ready to start this step-by-step guide on drawing a cartoon soccer ball in six easy steps! You can draw many more characters like bow and arrow drawing, Anubis drawing, cat drawing, cobra drawing, blueberry drawing, coconut drawing and many more drawing for kids easy.

Step 1:

We’re going to start this soccer ball cartoon by drawing a simple circular shape that will act as an outline for this soccer ball. There are several ways to draw this circle. The easiest method is to use a graphic compass. It is a tool that makes illustrating a perfect process very easy.

If you don’t have a compass handy, you can use a pencil to draw the circle as smoothly as possible, then walk around it with your pen. We’ll only draw the beginning of the circle in this first step, but we’ll finish it in the next phase of the guide!

Step 2:

This second step of our guide to drawing a cartoon soccer ball will focus on finishing the circular outline of the ball. There’s only a tiny space to fill, so it should be a simple step!Once the outline is ready, we can add some details in the following steps, so let’s move on.

Step 3:

Traditional soccer balls are usually white with black speckles, and although they can have many variations, this is how we will draw this particular soccer ball.

Each of these shapes will have five sides, but due to the curvature of the ball, we will see only some of the sides of these early patches.Cooler each one solid black, and then we can move on!

Step 4:

There are also many white spots between the black holes, and we will start drawing them for your cartoon soccer ball drawing. To do this, we will extend the lines from each point of the black shapes.

A particular pattern of these lines will be drawn, but the sample image will make it much easier! Then we can move on to some final details and touches in the next step of the guide.

Step 5:

This step of our guide on drawing a cartoon soccer ball will help you finish the final details on the ball. To do this, we will add another black patch in the centre of the ball. This patch will give us the most transparent look of these black patches we’ve had so far, showing us all five edges.

The final black patch will fit perfectly into the space left by the lines you drew in the previous step, and once that’s added, we can finish our details! There are many ways to take this drawing even further. One idea would be to draw a background, which would be a fun way to make this even more awesome. If you had to draw a background, would you choose a large stadium or eliminate a backyard?

Step 6:

It’s time to finish this drawing with some colours! As we mentioned earlier in the guide, soccer balls are not known for having bright colours. Despite that, they can still come in bright and vibrant colours, but we’ll stick with the traditional look for our example.

We used light greys and beige colours for this ball to give it some lovely shades. You can use a similar approach for your drawing, but as we mentioned, you can also use more vibrant colours for your picture! It’s entirely up to you, just like the tools.

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