How To Start An Essay In 7 Different Ways


Writing a solid opening for your essay is all important, and one can start an essay differently. How you start the paper creates the first impression on the professor, which influences their grading decision. The beginning of the article also sets a tone for the rest of the structure. Therefore, it is crucial to open your essay most strongly.

Annoyingly, composing the introduction is an uphill struggle, which is why this post exists—wondering how to start your essay? This post will share valuable ways to help you write the opening sentences quickly and effortlessly.

Take A Fantastic Start To An Essay In 7 Different Ways

Here are the different ways you can create a strong opening for your paper.
Open With A Question
The first way to start is to pose a question right at the beginning of your essay. Once you have placed your question, start wording it in a manner that answers the question. For instance, “Should we put a stop to plastic bags?” You can begin by describing the several reasons why it should be banned. After that, you can explain how it came into existence, why people use it and its benefits.

When you begin with the question, it gets easier to start the essay, observe from the outside perspective, and start forming its answer. In case, due to any reason, you’re running out of time to complete your assignment, taking an essay writing service can be a lifesaver. Some outstanding service-providing companies are present online that have a team of professional essayists.

1. Open With A Thesis

The second way is to open the paper with a thesis statement. If you did your research, there wouldn’t be any confusion about this option. Delving into the topic before writing would help you develop a thesis statement effortlessly. You can use that statement to begin your assignment.

The purpose of a thesis statement is to let the readers or checkers know what they will learn throughout the paper. Keep this in mind; there is no need to start by saying, “the topic is about….” Instead, state the thesis to inform the readers and let your words flow.

2. Open With An Compelling Fact

It is one of the most effective ways to start. If you ever pored over the guides on writing a compelling intro, there is always a tip about the hook sentence. Every guide related to this topic stresses the importance of using the hook sentences right in the beginning. And nothing can be a better hook sentence than a compelling fact that instantly grabs the readers’ attention.

So, you can also get started with the fascinating fact that people rarely know and are generally keen to look into bizarre yet new things. However, if you’re writing argumentative composition, your truth should clearly express which side of the topic you take. Never forget to cite all the sources you are getting points from to legitimize them.

3. Open With A Discovery

Reading this subheading, you might muddle over the difference between opening with a compelling fact and discovery. Don’t worry! We are here to brush away your confusion. In the above way, you found an interesting fact already stated elsewhere. However, in this way, you discover something new after you have done your research.

Based on the journey of investigation you went on, you gained valuable knowledge and deduced your discoveries. In this way, you can begin with “I have eventually got to the bottom of…..” and then state your discovery or revelation.

4. Open With A Joke

Here comes one more way for creative writers who can put their skills into starting a composition. Note that this option isn’t for serious and sensitive topics, as you might begin political warfare. Go for this option cautiously; if the subject you’re assigned allows you to crack a joke, go for it. However, stay away from some silly or knock-knock jokes.

Your riddle or joke should lighten readers’ moods and persuade them to keep reading. If you, as a Canadian student, struggle to take a great start on a paper, consider contacting assignment help Canada services. Some fantastic homework helpers are available online to help you come a long way in your academic life.

5. Open With Developing A Contrast

You can create an exciting contrast to captivate readers’ attention whenever you muddle over how to get started. You can develop a difference between past and present or imagination and reality. For example, if you’re composing on a topic of “a productive life,” you can get rolling by presenting an unproductive person’s perception of a productive person.

Go into the world of imagination, keep yourself in an outsider’s position and start writing. Once you present that side of the story, it is time to pen down the reality of a productive person’s life. You can let the readers know that even the most effective individual has some off days.

The truth is that the most productive and thriving people experience setbacks and have unambitious and lazy days. This option is epic for creative brains. Expand your creative mind by considering two opposite objects and highlighting their differences.

6. Open With A Secret

Here comes the last option from our side: make a start with a secret. Be mindful of the secret you’re sharing, as it should be related to your topic. Sharing a relatable yet compelling secret would serve as a hooker to captivate your readers. For instance, if you’re writing on a weight loss topic, start with “water can be a great way to reduce your extra kilos.”


We have taught you the seven engaging ways to start an essay. All these options would be the most potent way to dazzle your readers and stick them around till the end. Use all these ways according to the type of paper you’re composing. Share this with your classmates and pals to help them learn about these tips. Comment below to let us know your opinion on this post.


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