Kickoff Your Online Taxi Business via Uber Clone

Uber Clone

How to build an Uber Clone app? How much time will it take? What is the cost of building an Uber-like app? These are some commonly asked questions by entrepreneurs. People choose taxi booking services instead of using their own vehicle or buying one because of heavily crowded streets or for ease of commute. 

The need for on-demand taxi services is increasing and people around the world are looking for the best apps to fulfill their needs. Many entrepreneurs are now trying to grab a piece of the pie by launching taxi apps like Uber. 

If you also want to develop a taxi app that is built with advanced technology and integrated with ultramodern features, you need to read further. As the blog talks about how you can launch a perfect Uber Clone app in one week, it will be interesting for you to find an alternative to spending all your money and wasting months or years on app development. 

Build a Perfect Online Taxi Business with Uber Clone 

To establish an ‘on-point’ taxi business that suits the market needs of 2023 and beyond, you need to build three apps. 

Driver app 

The app is for taxi drivers who want to register themselves on the application and offer taxi services. The driver app enables them to create a profile, find optimal ride requests, and get paid for the job. 

The app includes features like social media sign-up, paying via credit card, viewing the rider’s current location, calling or messaging the rider, generating a waybill, etc. 

Passenger app 

The passenger or user app provides the rider with the comfort of booking rides instantly or scheduling them. They can send ride requests with a click and connect with nearby drivers. 

Along with connecting the ride requests, the app allows users to track their rides in real-time, make quick payments, ride safely, share ride details, and much more. 

Admin panel 

The Uber Clone admin panel provides the app owner centralized control over all the business activities. Moreover, they can get real-time analysis and reports related to their earnings, preferred payment mode, number of rides completed, etc. 

Apart from managing the taxi business and getting reports, the admin can also initiate manual service bookings for the users. 

Other Useful Features to Integrate with the App 

Here is a short list of features that you must integrate – 

OTP verification to start the ride 

To start the ride, the driver first needs to enter an OTP. This four-digit code is sent to the rider’s registered mobile number. 

Once the driver enters it and the system verifies the code, the ride can then begin. 

Ride cancellation 

Along with smooth tracking of the ride in real-time, the Uber Clone also allows the rider to cancel it. The driver too gets the same flexibility as the user in this feature. 

However, to cancel the ride, the driver or user needs to choose or type the reason for the same. And, under some circumstances, the cancellation charges are levied as well depending on your app’s policies. 

Invite friends and earn rewards 

Users can easily invite their friends and family members to register with the app using their referral code and earn rewards.

The rewards would be credited to the user’s in-app wallet or bank account as soon as a new user registers using their referral code and books their first ride. 

In Conclusion: 

The Uber Clone application is enriched with advanced features enabling your drivers and riders to fulfill their taxi booking requirements easily. 

So, if you want to launch this application in just one week, you must opt for a pre-built solution. You simply need to white-label and launch your app on iOS and Android app stores. 

Begin today.

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