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Kraft Boxes

Consumers are not always driven by the product alone, no matter how elegant it is looking. Along with the product, there are some other things that matter in affecting the purchasing behavior of the customers. Effective branding through kraft boxes is one such thing that is influential in attracting customers to your product. In this regard, Kraft packaging is the best possible solution as it allows you to market your products and the brand at the same time at a low cost. It is an efficacious branding tool that will make you stand apart from all other competitors in the industry. The following are the ways through which you can use Kraft packages for effective and cost-savvy branding.

Opt for a one-color print:

Opting for a one-color print will keep your branded packaging costs low. The more designs you decide to print on the Wholesale Kraft Gift Boxes with Lids, the more it will cost you. Generally, these boxes are brown, so choosing a single dark color for printing would be a good option. This is because the dark color appears more prominent and clearer on the brown rather than a full-color print. The price of printing is dependent on the number of printing plates you use for printing. The number of printing plates increases automatically if you are opting for a full-color print, which will increase your printing price. Maintain the consistency of your brand by avoiding the use of multiple colors in your packaging design. Use a single color that matches the theme of your brand logo to stand out from the crowd. 

Custom inserts:

The use of packaging inserts is a unique way to market your brand in a cost-effective way. While shipping your products in the custom Kraft boxes, you can place some inserts to surprise the customers. These inserts show that your brand is credible, and the customers can trust it. They can be printed with a heartfelt note or any other message to show the positive side of your organization. For instance, you can say “thank you” to your valuable clients through these marketing materials. By seeing this note, the customers will feel special and start remembering your brand. Not only that, but they will also prefer purchasing from your organization the next time they decide to buy a certain product. These marketing materials offer you a perfect way to keep new clients while retaining the old ones as well by making your brand prominent in the consumer market. 

Be consistent:

Printing the same branding elements on your custom Kraft boxes is necessary if you want to acquire the trust of new customers. Remain consistent with these elements so that one can easily recognize you just by seeing these elements. Any kind of color inconsistency can damage the repute of your brand, and you will lose the confidence of the customers. Similarly, you cannot afford to be inconsistent with your patterns and drawings. Choose them wisely and stick to them so that customers start recognizing you once they see your packaging. For instance, print the same image, whether you are printing it on the packaging or labels. This will assist the clients in identifying your organization instantly. Therefore, keeping your branded packaging consistent is a must thing to ensure the confidence and trust of shoppers in your company. 

Minimalistic approach:

In packaging terms, minimalism is simply the reduction of anything that is keeping your productivity constant. Adopting this approach increases the traffic of the customers while keeping the costs minimal. For instance, you can choose to print on one side of your Kraft boxes. This technique is not only economical, but it will also drive the attention of more clients towards your products. It is important to remember here that you have to choose full-color print if you have some ordinary packaging to make it stand out from the crowd. But with Kraft packages, printing one side is enough as they look elegant. The customers do not like the complexity in the packaging design as they have become accustomed to seeing these designs. Differentiate yourself at a low cost by adopting this strategy. 

Stylish fonts:

Printing your branding information with inappropriate fonts can cost you a loss of customers’ interest in your products. The printed text needs to look attractive if you want to affect the perceptions of consumers about your organization. This can be achieved by using fonts that look elegant and do not make the printed text difficult to understand. Using stylish fonts such as handwritten or script can be a good option as they will describe what your brand stands for. They will portray a positive image of your company and make you stand out from the rest. 

QR code:

The use of technology helps to print the QR codes on the Kraft packages. The customers can easily scan this code and get special discounts and offers your company is offering. Not only that, but they will be directed to your website through which they can get all the required information about your products and services. This is a cost-savvy and the most effective method to market your brand among the masses. 

Kraft packaging  provides you with a unique opportunity to influence the perceptions of the customers about your brand. By tapping its marketing potential, you can maintain a competitive edge over all other competing brands in the market. It drives the customers to prefer your products while buying and turn them loyal to your company.

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