Should We Add Handles On Kraft boxes with lids? 7 Surprising Facts

Kraft boxes with lids

Kraft Boxes with Lids – Your packaging possibly influences consumers more than the product you are trying to sell. The value of packaging is often underestimated and certain kinds of packaging designs can serve different purposes across products, categories and entire industries! are an exceptional example of a versatile style of packaging. Not only are they entirely customizable, they are also one of the most durable forms of packaging at their price point! Whether you want to upgrade the face-value of your product, or whether you wish to simply put handles on your boxes, read this article to answer your burning questions about Kraft boxes with lids!

Merits of Kraft Boxes with Lids

They are Lightweight

One of the main reasons why so many people prefer Kraft boxes with lids over different kinds of boxes is because they are extremely lightweight. This is beneficial for both the person using the packaging and the people responsible for shipping. Weight equals cost and the lighter your packaged product can be, the better for you and your up and coming brand. The more lightweight your packaging will be, the more customer satisfaction you will achieve because they will be easier to handle and carry.

They are Extremely Durable

Despite their light weight, most custom Kraft boxes with lids are also extremely durable, meaning that they can withstand a large force or weight, and still retain shape! This makes them one of the ideal packaging types for your brand, especially if you want a fun, stylist, super lightweight, and durable packaging type for your products. You cannot risk having your goods getting damaged before they even reach your customers and for that you need to ensure that your packaging is sturdy and durable enough so as to properly cushion your product in packaging box and keep it in place.

Kraft boxes with lids are Eco-Friendly

Can you believe it? The material itself, kraft, has a relatively lower environmental impact when compared to other kinds of materials used for packaging nowadays. Even if you contact experts in Kraft boxes wholesale they will tell you that these boxes do not adversely impact the environment as much as the alternatives, making it a beneficial choice for your brand and the environment!

You Can Add Value Through Handles

If you use handles on top of all of this. You can create a package that can be handle around with ease by your customers. Not only does this increase utility for your customers, it also reduces waste for your products, because gone will be the days of having to carry custom printed Kraft boxes with lids in paper or plastic bags upon making a purchase!

There are Other Ways of Adding Value

Even if you don’t want to use handles on your customized Kraft boxes with lids, you can still choose from an exciting range of customization options to add value. These may include windows, drop out trays, and so many other options! Point being, you do not necessarily require a large investment or a handle to make your kraft packaging seem up to the par, in fact, they can sing all on their own too.

Kraft boxes with lids can Get Them Cheap if You Order Bulk

One of the best things possible for the ordering your kraft packaging is benefiting from bulk purchases. If you operate in the United Kingdom, consider contacting experts in Kraft boxes with lids UK to get a better understanding of the market and the sort of rates you can use to your advantage. Print enough, but always get more than you want. because it always better to be overstocke than underprepare for different situations. Imagine your product sells out because your new packaging is a crazy success, and you don’t have enough product to ship out to customers. YOU WILL LOSE OUT on the potential returns you could have made. So be prepare!
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You can Customize Them All You Want

One crazy feature about Kraft boxes with lids is that you can customize them in almost every aspect. Forget about handles, you can add UV and gloss finishing options too! If you want to make a commitment toward customizing your boxes business, make it the entire way and make it work!

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