Laser Spine Surgery in India

Spine Surgery

A laser spine surgery is referred to a minimally invasive procedure for performing out laser surgeries of the spine. With the minimally invasive process, the blood loss is least and the surgical incisions prepared are also small.

The possible pain, as well as the period of the recovery, is also not too much in the laser spine surgery. Laser spine surgeries are widely utilized to cure disorders such as failed back syndrome, sciatica, foraminal stenosis, radiculopathy, arthritis and even nerve entrapment syndromes.

Advantages of Laser Spine Surgery:

  • Less invasive
  • No cutting and scarring
  • No normal general anesthesia
  • No stay in hospital required
  • Quick recovery period
  • Costs 1/3 to 1/2 of conventional surgery

Laser Spine Surgery in India

Normally a laser spine surgery is completed with the help of local anesthesia or a gentle sedation. Methods such as endoscopic, microscopic, and even arthroscopic are widely used during the surgeries. During the process, a thin needle gets inserted directly into the herniated disc within x-ray guidance. An optical fiber gets inserted with the help of the needle as well as laser energy is derived from the fiber, vaporizing a small part of the disc nucleus.

This result in a partial vacuum which pulls the herniation away from the nerve root, therefore, gets relief from the pain. With Spine Surgery in India, the effect usually is quick. Patients can easily walk out with a small adhesive bandage and come back to home just after 24 hours.

Why Choose India for Laser Spine Surgery?

The treatment in India gives the guarantee of secure and private surgery. Success rates are also increasing year by year.

Goal of the hospitals in India is to reach the lives of thousands of newly spinal injured every year providing the medical intelligence through the best medical facilities. Attracts lots of international patients all over the globe. It is also proven that India has the best neurosurgeons.

Neurosurgery in the country was practiced by the general surgeons and now it is practiced by neuro surgeons. India has the zero waiting periods for the surgeon. It is no wonder that in the past decade the medical tourism has expanded rapidly in India.

Spine Surgeon in Indian – Providing the best Choices

When thinking about spine surgery there are a number of choices out offered by best spine Surgeon in India are as under:

  • Foraminotomy: A foraminotomy is referred to a laser spine surgery utilized to get relief from particular spinal conditions. It makes use of an arthroscopic loom to open the foramen without any requirement of common anesthesia.
  • Laminotomy: Laminotomy makes use of arthroscopic techniques to find open the spinal canal for the laser spine surgery. With no requirement of general anesthesia, laser spine surgery can be acted out in an outpatient surgical condition.
  • Endoscopic Discectomy: if the herniated disc or even bulging disc material presses on a nerve root or straightly on the spinal cord, the laser spine surgery can be acted to remove the part on the disc that is resulting in pain.

Cost of Spine Surgery in India

Cost of Spine Surgery in India is estimated to be 25% less than the other developed countries. India provides the best and the top most advanced technologies like operated MRI, Computer assisted navigation system are deployed by the highly trained surgeons for precisely safe Spine Surgeries. Patients always look for the quality output with low cost and best Surgery.

Indian hospitals are proving to be the best for such patients as the cost is very less without compromising with the quality.


Indian hospitals provide the best hope and total care in Spine Surgery treatments and functions. Also the accommodation and hotels in India comes out to be the best under medical tourism in India. Indian cities are equipped with world class technology and infrastructure.

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