Maintaining Sexual Intimacy in Marriage: Strategies for Coping with Problems

sexual intimacy

Marriage is a committed relationship where you often tend to take your partners for granted. Things change over the course of time for almost everyone. These changes might make you feel or actually distant from your partner. You lose the sense of belonging and start doubting your relationship. Sexual intimacy keeps it going for most couples but is hard for a couple to maintain. You need to realize the importance of sexual intimacy and pick some ways from this blog to help your marriage.

Marriage – Common issues

As with any other relationship, marriage needs constant time and effort from both partners. Even if one stops ignoring the marriage, it will be followed by another partner and ultimately collapse the relationship. Not giving enough time and importance to your partner undoubtedly tops the list. No matter how long you have known each other, spending time together should be your topmost priority. 

Partners often tend to ignore each other’s needs once they have kids, which is another mistake. When you live for so long with someone, you can anticipate almost everything, which kills the surprise element. Going on ahead in life changes your priorities, and you often get too soaked in work. Running through years with the same person, you often forget the reason you came together in the first place. A sexologist will examine your complete medical and life history and recommend the best option for you.

Another aspect of the relationship that can be challenging for a couple is when one goes through sexual dysfunction. The situation can be daunting, and one may feel powerless. The sexual dysfunctions can be erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, loss of libido, delayed ejaculation, inability to orgasm, or painful sex. Most of the dysfunctions are treatable, and you only need to look out for a good sexologist in Delhi. 

Strategies To Cope With Marital Issues:


It is the common factor for most couples, and you cannot fathom what power quality time holds. Spending quality time with your partner makes them feel loved and appreciated, which can change the way they feel about you. They need to have a sense of emotional security that only you can provide to one another. 

Step away from gadgets 

readily accessible internet has taken over the world and how. Everyone is immersed in their phones while sitting together. We are closer to the ones we are chatting with over the phone than the one who sits next to us. How does that even make sense? It is high time to realize the value of the physical presence of your partner around. Keep your gadgets away and have a dinner date at home where you discuss your whereabouts about the day. Secure a gadget-free time every day to catch up.

Make efforts 

It is never too late to make your partner feel special. Remember the time you started seeing each other or just got married? How special it was. Treat them the same way, and they will reciprocate. Go on and replicate your time together by going to the same place or doing something similar they used to love back in the day. Maintain a harmonious relationship and work on sexual intimacy. Plan a date or cook dinner. You do not need to do something extravagant. Even small things will do the job and make your partner feel seen and acknowledged.

Resolve your issues 

Many couples get into a situation of chronic conflict where you hold animosity for your partner. You have to take charge and talk to your partner. Take help from a therapist if required to streamline your issues and have a better understanding of your feelings. If something bothers you about sexual intimacy, you should talk to a sexologist. A sexologist will look into your detailed medical and personal history and suggest you the best solution.


If you want to tell your partner something, go ahead and spill it out. Holding back on your feelings will only saturate you and will do no good to your relationship. Instead, maintain an honest and open relationship. Utilize the time when both of you are calm and not in a rush and talk things out. If you do not feel good about your partner, or something hurts you another day, or even if it is about sexual intimacy, please tell your partner. Do not expect them to magically guess what is cooking in your mind and resolve it. Go ahead and be truthful; it will save your relationship. 

Bottom line

Marriage is built on trust and sincerity, but you will have to nurture the relationship today and forever. Sexual intimacy remains the core of it and you should be sensitive to your partner’s needs. Do not presume your partner will hold your hand always, and instead, work on maintaining and strengthening your relationship.

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