MBBS In China’s Top Medical Colleges At Affordable Fee 2022

MBBS In China 2022

MBBS in China

MBBS China is one of the world's leading medical destinations, offering two medical programs for future medical professionals. The first program is known as the Doctor of Medicine program and lasts for three years; the second is an undergraduate program with five years of theoretical and practical training and one year of practical training.

There are 45 medical universities in China, recognized by leading medical bodies such as the PMC, WHO, and IMED. The tuition fees for the 5+1 year MBBS program are very affordable for Pakistani students (up to USD 300 000) and it offers world-class medical services.

Medical students wishing to work as a doctor in Pakistan are required to pass the National Export Examination (NEXT) after completing the MBBS, a compulsory test to be taken if you wish to apply for a medical license in Pakistan. Medical students completing an MBBS In China 2022 can also work in China because of its lucrative salary package, which is 65% higher than Pakistani standards, and its good healthcare system.

Below is a brief overview of MBBS in China for Pakistani students

Affordable remuneration structure

First-class infrastructure

MDCAT qualification is mandatory

Minimum fee ₹2 crore

Minimum eligibility criteria

Stipends up to ₹40k per annum

Recognized by PMC, FAIMER, WHO.

Most Chinese medical universities are funded by the government.

45 medical colleges in China are recognized by the Pakistan Medical Council.

MBBS program duration, admission requirements and admission process.

The MBBS program in China lasts 5+1 years and includes one year of clinical practice. According to the Foreign Medical License 2021, students are required to complete a one-year mandatory internship in Pakistan after passing the NEXT1 exam.

Each Chinese university has different criteria for accepting applications. Chinese medical universities recruit Pakistani students to study MBBS for three main reasons.

Applications are reviewed on the basis of 12th-class criteria.

Applications are accepted on the basis of 12th percentile and MDCAT scores.

MDCAT scores will be weighted.

In order to maintain the quality of education in China, most universities give preference to students who have scored at least 65%-70% in the 12th class. Only a few universities consider scores below this threshold.

In China, students applying for MBBS must be at least 17 years old by 31 December of the year in which they apply for admission.

Students must have studied 12th-grade physics, chemistry, biology, and English or equivalent qualifications.

Pakistani medical students wishing to study MBBS in China must pass the MDCAT exam.

MBBS university fees in China 2022

Tuition fees for MBBS in China are very affordable compared to countries like the UK and the US. In addition, the MBBS tuition fees charged by Chinese universities offering the program are around 50% of the minimum fees charged by private medical schools in Pakistan. As of the 2021-2022 session, the average MBBS application fee in China is 30 000 RMB (1 RMB = 32 RS).

Medical University Application Fee/year (in Pakistani Rupees)

1 Jilin University 33,000 RMB/year 3,46,000 PKR/year

2 Capital Medical University 50,000 RMB/year PKR 5,25,000 RMB/year

3 Yangzhou University 30,000 PKR/year 3,15,000 PKR/year

4 Fudan University 75,000 RMB/year 7,87,500 PKR/year

5 Guangzhou Medical University 30,000/year PKR 3,15,000/year

6 Harbin Medical University PKR 30,000/year RMB 3,15,000/year

7 Nantong Medical University RMB 26,000/year PKR 2,73,000/year

8 China Medical University RMB 40 000/year PKR 4 47 920/year

9 Qingdao University RMB 30 000/year PKR 3 15 000/year

10 Nanjing Medical University RMB 34,000/year PKR 3,57,000/year

Costs for Pakistani students studying MBBS in China

For Pakistani students, studying MBBS in China is a lucrative offer. The cost of an MBBS in China is very affordable compared to countries such as the UK and the USA. The cost of MBBS courses offered by universities is around 50% of the cost of the lowest private medical colleges in Pakistan. The average tuition fee for an MBBS in China from the 2021-2022 session is 30 000 RMB (1 RMB = 32 RS). The annual accommodation cost is approximately 4500-5000 RMB. These affordable accommodations are available on campus. Therefore, parents who send their mothers to study abroad are concerned about the safety of the students. The average monthly cost of food for students is 800-900 RMB, which seems very reasonable.

Cheap flights between the two countries make it easier for students to travel. Students are advised to book their flight tickets in advance to get relatively low fares.

Why study MBBS in China?

Medical education in China has been a center of attraction for students for many years. Every year, many Pakistani students travel to China to pursue their medical studies.

The country is technologically and medically advanced and can teach new techniques.

45 national universities accredited by EGM

Universities with a global reputation.

No entrance exams and a simple admission process

MBBS in China is affordable

Scholarships are available for outstanding students

The cost of living is reasonable

Tuition is provided in English.

The MBBS program in China lasts 5+1 years (including 1 year of clinical internship).

The internship done in China is also valid in Pakistan.

Extensive international experience

China is a developed country, and its universities have world-class infrastructure that students can take advantage of.

Many Pakistani students already studying MBBS in China give newcomers a sense of belonging.

An MBBS degree from China is internationally recognized.

China's diverse culture allows students to learn new things

Travel ties between the two countries are highly developed because we are neighbors.

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