Moon Peak Expedition : Why It is the Most Beautiful Destination

Moon Peak Expedition

Himachal is a northern state that has an ample amount of mountains, lakes, hills, etc. It offers one of the idlest aesthetic services. Himachal’s aesthetics as well as the hospitality of its residents attract an ample number of travelers, most of whom confiscate Himachal as a ‘trek destination’. Among many other trekking destinations in Himachal, moon peak expedition stands out as one of the most beautiful destinations to trek at. 


The Moon peak expedition lies in the Dhauladhar range perched in the western Himalayas in the northern state of Himachal Pradesh. This trekking expedition takes the trekkers to the stunning Triund valley. This somewhat challenging trek provides an exciting and enthralling experience. 


Best time to do this trek 


May to October is the best period to trek at the moon peak expedition and relish the serene beauty of the land. The weather remains relatively salubrious, inducing the easy trek and of course, more exhilarating. The setting with a variety of flowers blooming appears like a dream that came true and you can see it now with your open eyes. It creates a fascinating view. 


Trekking at Moon peak 


The beginning point for the trek is Mcleodganj, which you need to reach on your own. Then the trekkers head to the trend valley through a marked trail and reach the desired destination by afternoon. And then the trekkers can enjoy a night stay under the clear sky and relish the stargazing experience. 


Then the trekkers wake up and witness a captivating sunrise view then start trekking to the Alaska Got. On the way, the trekkers get to glimpse some of the most admiring views and some of the most prominent peaks of the region. 


Then the trekkers traverse from Ilaka Got to Lahesh caves, the journey will feel heavenly due to the presence of some of the most captivating and aesthetic views. 


The trekkers can continue the journey on the same day if the weather is favorable

, in extreme weather conditions, the trekkers can wait for the day and begin their journey again from dawn, the very next day. 


Then the trekkers take the final hike and pass the majestic Indrahar Pass. After a brief descent, the trekkers will ascend to Moon Peak elevated at 15,200 feet above sea level. 


The view from the Peak is esoteric, so capture the instants to cherish them forever and make some wonderful memories. Then after spending some time at this mesmerizing destination the trekkers head back to Lahesh caves. 


From there the trekkers began their return journey, they reached Ilaqa and Got to McLeodganj. 


The trek covers a trekking distance of about 45 km in their expedition to the moon peak. 

The journey will come to an end but will provide you with some unforgettable memories. 


The difficulty level of the trek 


The trek is not easy but it is from moderate to difficult levels. The trek is considered to be somewhat challenging due to the presence of unparalleled routes and gradual ascents and descents. Still, there are experienced instructors to make your journey smooth and secure. The journey cannot be taken by amateurs, as it becomes somewhat hectic if you have gone through some treks then it will be the most amazing expedition. 


Highlights of the trek 


Moon peak expedition provides mesmerizing sunsets and sunrise views. The view will hold you captive and at night you get the opportunity to witness fascinating star-gazing views that will get you amazed. 


There you get to witness some of the most prominent peaks of the mighty Himalayas and some of the captivating passes that will give you a spectacular 360-degree view of the region. 


On the route, the trekkers get to witness the summer grazing pastures in the upper Raavi Valley and Lahaul, in this route to the south there are intriguing views of the Indian plains; to the north- the religious peak of Mani Mahesh Kailash and the snow-clad Pir Panjal Range, all of these locations are so bewitching that these will capture all your attention and force you to live in the moment. 




The surprises of nature are glimpsed while trekking and nothing can be more soothing than nature. This voyage is what everybody craves and the climate is so enjoyable too. One must skimp on some time from their feverish schedule to rediscover themselves and know that the actual meaning of life does not occur in proving yourself every day, it is just a piece of life. The real and rare beauty of life lies in nature that you must take pleasure in and you will fall in love with it.


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