5 Most Popular Pakistani Sweets You Should Try

5 Most Popular Pakistani Sweets You Should Try

Celebration is incomplete without sweets in Pakistan. Whether it is a traditional festival or childbirth celebration, celebrations mean sweets in Pakistan. They have been coming with them for centuries. Even after development, modern people could not replace traditional sweets with other sweets. The top favorite 5 sweets in Pakistan are the main focus of this article.

1. Ras Malai

Ras Malai is a type of dairy sweet, and carnivals seem incomplete without it. Mothers cook them at home. Your cloudy days are empty without it.You can make them by boiling milk, 2 cups of water, and sugar in a bowl. Beat the egg and put it aside. Unpack the Ras Malai pack. Make a soft dough after adding some oil and egg to it. Increase the burner flame, make dough balls and add them to boiling milk carefully. Remove the bowl from the burner when you see the balls have increased in volume. Take it out in another bowl, and add some Pistachio for a beautiful look.

2. Kheer

Kheer is a famous sweet dish in Pakistan. It is a mandatory dish at Eid and dinner parties. Not only in Pakistan, but it has also gained the attention of Indians and Siri Lankans. Its recipe is easy to cook for everyone. Milk, rice, sugar, cardamom, and vanilla essence are some ingredients of Kheer. You can add almonds and Pistachio for garnishing.

3. Shahi Tukray

You can fulfill your taste demands by making Shahi Tukray at home. It is healthy and tasty food on any occasion. Bread, oil, milk, and sugar are the ingredients you need to make Shahi Tukray. For garnishing, the ingredients are the same as were in Kheer. You must try Shahi Tukray if you want to enhance the loveliness of the dinner table.

4. Suji Halwa

No one can forget to make Suji Halwa when it becomes a demand of weather. Your cloudy days are empty without it. It is very delicious and loved by people of all ages. You will need Suji, sugar, ghee, and water if you want to taste Suji Halwa.

5. Sewiyan

Mothers cook Sewiyan on Chand Raat to celebrate Eid-ul-Fitr. You can make Sewiyan with and without milk. Milk Sewiyan needs a packet of Sewiyan, milk, cardamom, and sugar. For dry Sewiyan, order water, Sewiyan, sugar, cardamom, and ghee. You can add almonds, Pistachio, coconut, and Zaafran to both Sewiyan.

The Worth of Pakistani Sweets

Not only in Pakistan, but Pakistan Sweets are also favorite worldwide. People who live abroad miss Pakistani foods. They mostly wish to enjoy Pakistani Sweets but find it hard to do so. Do not worry because you can order Pakistani mithai online.

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