Paradise Island Resort : Spend a Holiday With Your Loved Ones

Paradise Island Resort

People who want to live every moment of their vacation should go to Paradise Island Resort & Spa in the Maldives. In the Maldives, this five-star island resort not only offers world-class luxury, but also views and an atmosphere fit for gods. Be prepared to be enchanted for life if you decide to spend a holiday here with your loved ones.


Why vacation at the Paradise Island Resort?


 Paradise Island resorts in the Maldives are simply the best. This 1 km-long island offers the best in luxury, comfort, dining, activities, and even underwater discovery. Accommodations range from Ocean Suites to Water Villas, and the dining options offer world-class cuisine.


Who ought to organize a vacation at the Paradise Island Resort & Spa?


Paradise Island resort has room for everyone (literally! ), including couples on their honeymoon, families, and individuals traveling by themselves. However, depending on the traveler’s itinerary, the resort’s staff and facilities also guarantee privacy and authentic experiences.


How can I get to the Paradise Island Resort, or where can I find this bizarre paradise?


Paradise Island, also known as Lankanfinolhu in the local language, opened in 1994 and is in North Male’ Atoll. A speedboat ride takes about 20 minutes to get here, which is 9.6 kilometers from the airport. Transfers from the airport to the resort are provided for free to guests who book here.



All guests at Paradise Island  can choose to stay in villas as their standard lodging option. The views and amenities of these ultra-luxurious villas are further categorised.


  1. Superior Beach Bungalow (Beach View) The Superior Beach Bungalow is one of the best places to stay for a couple or a family because it faces Paradise Island Beach and has an amazing verandah with comfy sun loungers to enjoy the Maldives’ tropical charm.


  1. Water villa (Lagoon View) The Water Villa on Paradise Island is the pinnacle of luxury—it is enormous, bright, spacious, and has steps down to the lagoon. For swimming and snorkelling, one can descend, then return to the private chaise to cool off. Each villa is unique and faces either the sunset or the sunrise. Be ready to be spoilt here.


  1. Haven Villa (Lagoon View) Haven Villas are for people who want to be in a private area with stunning ocean views and the highest level of luxury. Each of these charming villas is on stilts above the water and has its own check-in area.


  1. Haven Suites (Ocean View) This one, like the Haven Villa, has a bigger view of the ocean and the same luxuries and private areas as the villa. There is a separate check-in area for each villa 5. Ocean Suites (Ocean View) The best of the best, Ocean Suites come with a terrace, private pool, and stunning views of the lagoon and the ocean. This two-bedroom suite is the ultimate in luxury, comfort, and natural beauty.


Best things to do at Paradise Island Resort 

Paradise Island gives you the chance to have the wildest adventure of your life in addition to providing you with luxury, comfort, and relaxation. The following are water sports offered in this area:


  1. Sailing a Catamaran The resort gives you the chance to experience the exhilaration of sailing a catamaran. Of all the activities on Paradise Island, this one is perhaps the most unusual. This is the epitome of excitement.

Paradise Island is the ideal vacation spot for those who enjoy windsurfing. For those who do not know how to do it properly, the resort offers professional instructors to teach you. Never before had it been so much fun to slide on the waves.


  1. Paddling a boat with a loved one in the Maldives’ crystal-clear waters is unlike anything else. Additionally, if you enjoy working out, this is it.


  1. Jet skiing is another one of Paradise Island’s best activities, and it offers more excitement than you can imagine. Driving a Jet Ski on the waves is a fun and safe activity for everyone when safety is prioritised.


  1. Waterskiing At Paradise Island, water skiing is the ideal sport if you’re tired of too much relaxation and want to stretch your muscles.


  1. Banana Boating Riding a banana boat is the resort’s most exciting and adventurous activity. There are no other water sports in the Maldives that can compare to the rush of taking your first dip and then trying to get back on the boat.


  1. Parasailing is a wonderful way to appreciate Paradise Island’s true beauty and is one of the most amazing activities on the island. Views of the entire island and the ocean are available to guests as they soar through the air. It is unquestionably an incredible experience.

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