Poetry Therapy, My Outlet in Managing My Anger

Poetry therapy is the intentional use of poetry and other forms of literature for healing and personal growth. The goal is to achieve mental health and healing through poetry or other spoken or written media. But in my case, I used poetry to control my anger. I put everything in writing instead of verbalizing it because anger is a negative emotion. It’s a negative feeling that can damage relationships and self-esteem. Wisdom must be used wisely to avoid its negative effects on our character. Although anger is a natural emotion, sometimes it can lead to negative and uncontrolled behavior, as if anger is controlling us. But, if we express how we feel by writing about them, we can read them again and can laugh at them once our anger subsides. Writing down our anger is healing, especially in the form of poetry that can bring up insights, thoughts and understandings that we didn’t know existed. In a strange way, we will surprise ourselves. One thing we should know, getting angry is not a good idea. What we need is change, to learn to express ourselves and understand ourselves from a different perspective. And this time by writing or writing poetry.

Learning to forgive others and learning to forgive ourselves takes time to control our anger. Although forgiveness is a powerful tool, if we allow anger and other negative emotions to cloud our positive feelings, bitterness or feelings of injustice can swallow us up. But, if we forgive the person who offended us, we can both learn from the incident. When we learn to control our anger, we contribute to the health of our bodies and the health of our relationships. Anger is not bad or bad, the main thing is to learn how we can control our anger. So the main thing to be upset about is the balance. Having a good and positive way to express our anger is very important. It is our ability to train ourselves to control our anger and stay calm.

In fact, we can use anger as motivation to achieve something. For example, to avoid problems, we can learn to control ourselves instead of reacting to the things that cause our anger. Although it is not good to be angry when we are wronged, it only becomes a problem when we hurt ourselves or others. So, why don’t you try to get rid of your anger with poetry now? If I can hold mine, why can’t you? This article is another type of coping mechanism where you can use singing as therapy to control your negative emotions. By writing down your disappointment and dissatisfaction, you can reduce anger; thus making poetry an outlet for your anger.

some gussa poetry

Bewafai Pe Teri Ji Hai Fida
Qahr Hota Jo Ba-Wafa Hota

بے وفائی پہ تیری جی ہے فدا
قہر ہوتا جو باوفا ہوتا

Aankhon Mein Chalakta Pyar Bhi Hai,
Iss Shoq e Ada Ko Kya Kahiye
Inkar Bhi Hai Aur Ikrar Bhi Hai

Muskura Jaati Hun Akser Gusse Mein Bhi Tera Naam Sun Kar,
Tere Naam Se Itni Mohabbat Hai Toh Soch Tujhse Kitni Hogi

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