Project Free TV – Best Alternatives To Watch Movies In 2023

project free tv

Project free tv is one of the best websites to watch different movies and web series but now this website is banned because the owners of Netflix, amazon prime, and other streaming platforms had filed complaints against this website that this website leaked movies and web series and the owners of Netflix, amazon prime and filmmakers have to face a great loss. This website used to claim to be legal but it is not. That is why after the case the website is no longer available on the internet but still, there are many other options available that you can go for no matter what action the government takes to ban these websites they come up with alternatives. Now you know what is the project free tv and why it is no longer available on the internet. So, now you will have the alternatives of the project’s free tv website where you can watch movies and web series of different genres and languages. 


Before getting ahead let me tell you this article is for information purposes and it is not a way to promote any illegal websites or actions. Using any illegal sites is a crime but still, people use them no matter what. 




To use this site, go to your browser and type it. Scroll down and look for the movie and download it. 



TV Duck

By using this site you can also access the content to watch that is available on premium platforms such as Netflix and Amazon Prime. It has user-friendly settings to use. You can use it and watch as many movies as you want to watch. 




You must first sign in to use this website. After that, you can access various movie categories like genre, recent, old, and upcoming. Here you can watch old classic movies. 




To use it you do not need to sign in. It has a massive library of movies and web series to watch. You can watch free content. 


Summing up

These are four websites like projectfreetv. You can use any one of the above websites to watch movies but it is already mentioned above that these are illegal websites and have leaked content that is made available to you. If the government caught you using any one of these websites then you can get arrested and a heavy fine can also be there that you have to pay. To use free websites is like falling into a trap of a space where there are a lot of risks. Your device can also get hacked and become slow because of viruses and malware. It is recommended that you use safe platforms like Netflix, amazon prime, jio cinema, Hotstar, etc. Share this piece of information with your people and let them know about these websites and the measures to keep their safety safe. I hope this article is beneficial and able to provide you with complete information. For more information stay tuned to our page. Till then, bye and follow Ityug247. 


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