Sasha Monik: A Rising Star in the Publishing content to a blog World

sasha monik

In publishing content to the blog world, Sasha Monik has become perhaps of the most notable blogger locally. Her most well-known posts center around excellent counsel, however, she likewise expounds on style and way-of-life tips in her posts. Her style has been depicted as splendid yet fun and coy — she’s even been highlighted on Oprah Winfrey’s site!

Who is Sasha Monik?

Sasha Monik is a design blogger who began her blog, Sasha’s Storeroom when she was only 16 years of age. Sasha has been included in famous web journals and magazines like Seventeen Magazine and The Day to day Mail. Her blog has in excess of 130,000 supporters on Instagram and in excess of 40,000 devotees on Twitter. She is likewise a way-of-life blogger for Youngster Vogue On the web. Notwithstanding her web-based presence, she has been distributed in Seventeen Magazine a few times and is habitually seen on television, as well as being consulted by Great Day LA Fox 11 News.

What does she blog about?

An effective way of life blogger, Sasha Monik, was brought up in New York City. She has a degree in the promotion and right now lives with her significant other and three kids. At some point, Sasha got up to observe that she was 100 pounds overweight. She was so humiliated by how she looked that she didn’t take off from the house for a long time. In the long run, Sasha tracked down her direction back to a sound weight, yet it was only after she wrote a blog about weight reduction that she became effective. Today, Sasha is one of the most sought-after bloggers around on the grounds that she expounds on what individuals need to learn about: a way of life tips from somebody who’s been there previously. Her blog offers bit-by-bit guidelines on everything from business the board to nurturing abilities and that’s just the beginning.

How could she get everything rolling?

At only 18 years of age, Sasha Monik is a skilled and energetic blogger. Experiencing childhood in provincial Pennsylvania, she never had any expectation of turning into a full-time blogger. As a matter of fact, she began her blog as a method for keeping herself occupied while she trusted that school applications will return. In any case, with her blog’s prominence developing and assisting her with associating with perusers the nation over, obviously, this was what she needed to do.

At the point when gotten some information about what rouses her most with regard to composing on her blog, Sasha said I expound on things I’m energetic about.

What separates her from different bloggers?

What separates Sasha from different bloggers is her eagerness to be helpless. She won’t hesitate to share what she’s going through, regardless of whether it implies individuals judge her for it. Her transparency about melancholy and uneasiness is invigorating and fearless, and her genuineness has made her so effective. I simply need to put it out there since I know I’m by all accounts not the only one feeling as such, Sasha told us during our meeting. We are in general people; we as a whole vibe poo.

She really accepts that by discussing these hard things transparently, you can engage other people who are battling too. What’s more, obviously, there is power in numbers- – when one individual opens up, they open up a discussion that may very well assist another person.

What could we at any point anticipate from her later on?

I can hardly hold on to see what Monik has coming up straightaway. I’ve been staying aware of her blog for some time now, and she’s a motivation to me. Her posts are generally so wise, and she generally offers such incredible exhortation. I’m truly anticipating seeing where her vocation takes her since I realize it will someplace pretty astounding! She’s unquestionably gifted and energetic pretty much everything that she does.


Sasha Monik is a rising star in the writing for a blog world, with north of 5 million devotees on Instagram and Facebook. With her peppy character and exceptional style, she’s turned into a commonly recognized name for the majority of her devotees. Sasha shares her life through her blog entries, instructional exercises, and recordings to move others to carry on with their best lives too. Whether you’re searching for hair instructional exercises or way-of-life tips, Sasha takes care of you!

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