Send Majestic Valentine’s Day Flowers with Cakes Online!

Valentine Flowers

If you are still confused about what exactly to gift your Valentine on Valentine’s Day, then we have the perfect quick fix for you. There is an assorted choice of hampers that have been crafted with colourful flowers and delicious cake to seal the deal perfectly. When it is about the celebration of love and romance, Valentine Flowers are always in huge demand. If the flowers are combined with flavoursome cakes, then trust us, the magic of it gets doubled to put it precisely. These are simple yet majestic hampers that not only work as thoughtful gifts for the beloved, but also are pocket-friendly. In case you are confused about the right kind of flowers and cakes combination for Valentine’s Day, then we are here to highlight upon the distinctive choices that are made available for the occasion. Read on to know more…

  • Roses N Pineapple Cake: Find a delightful combination hamper that features a bunch of 50 romantic red roses that come combined with a tangy pineapple cake that has been baked to perfection. It works as a royal hamper for the Valentine with it’s red and white essence that is sure to charm.
  • Truffle Fun: Here is a magnificent combination hamper that contains a bunch of 4 Asiatic lilies arranged with 15 scarlet red roses with lots of white fillers that come in a red paper packing along with a decorative ribbon bow. It has been combined with a tasty Black Forest cake for the matter.
  • Blue Hue: Who said that Valentine’s Day is all about red? This is an exceptional hamper that features a stunning bunch of 5 blue orchids neatly wrapped in a blue paper packing with decorative green leaves. It comes combined with half kg pineapple cake, 5 bars of Cadbury Dairy Milk and a 6 inches cute and cuddly teddy bear. Send Valentine’s Day flowers along with Valentine Cakes, chocolates, teddy bear at one go.
  • Eternal Bliss: Find this exclusive combination hamper that features 2-3 feet arrangement of 90 exotic purple orchids that are beautifully done to perfection. It sits as pretty as a picture and comes combined with a half kg delectable chocolate cake to put it precisely.
  • Ultimate Romance Fantasy: If you are in the mood to go all lovey-dovey on Valentine’s Day, then here is a super romantic hamper of scarlet red roses and chocolate cake. The unique aspect of this hamper is the fact that the cake as well as the flowers are done in heart-shaped arrangements to help express love in the most romantic manner.

There are other such pretty blooms and flavourful cakes that are done in creative ways and needless to mention, these make for wonderful work of art to be precise. Depending on your beloved’s preference, go in for the hamper that best fits his/her preference. Trust us, this shall make the Valentine’s Day surprise all the more special when you send Valentine’s Day flowers and cakes online to your sweetheart. So, what you are waiting for? Plan the perfect surprise with beautiful flowers and yummy cakes and charm your Valentine this Valentine’s Day!

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