sia door supervisor course in London

sia door supervisor course in london

sia door supervisor Security Regulations.
The shooting exercises that are carried out will be considered training :
The first semester for sia door supervisor course in London.
The first and third trimesters for the supervisor.
The shooting exercises that are carried out will be considered proof of aptitude (qualification) :
The second semester for sia door supervisor.
The second and fourth quarters for the shooting guards.

Move up

Assistance with shooting exercises and documentation
The personnel taking part in the shooting exercises must attend:
Eight hours, at least, after the completion of the last service.
Security guards and perfectly uniformed rural guards.

They must bring the following documents with them:

• Valid national identity document.
• Professional identity card.
• Weapons license (type C).
• Gun ownership guide.
• Authorization to transfer the weapon, if necessary.

The foul may be sufficient cause for the elimination of the shooting exercise:

Some garments of uniformity.
Any document.
In this case, in which it is eliminated to carry out the shooting exercise for any of the reasons previously exposed, the affected person must carry out the shooting exercise in any other scheduled session.
Shooting exercise dates
In general, they will be carried out, according to the calendar determined by the Civil Guard Command of the province, on working days from Monday to Friday, both inclusive, in sessions of a maximum of 4 hours. There must be a rest period of 2 hours between two consecutive shooting exercise sessions.
Shooting exercises will be carried out by:
sia door supervisor
• First semester: During the months of March, April, and May.
• Second semester: During the months of September, October and November.
• First trimester: During the month of March.
• Second trimester: During the month of May.
• Third trimester: During the month of September.
• Fourth quarter: During the month of November.
Annual shooting exercise.
The last day of those scheduled for shooting exercises will be dedicated to incidents and the exercises will be carried out by personnel who, for justified reasons, have not been able to attend on the day they were scheduled to do so.
Within the ten days following the incident, a shooting day will be established for the recovery of shooters who have obtained negative results in the exercises.
As a general rule, they will be carried out in the galleries or shooting ranges, owned or operated by security companies, authorized in accordance with the provisions of the Weapons Regulations. Where these facilities do not exist, shooting exercises may be carried out in places used by the Civil Guard to carry out their regulatory exercises, on dates that do not coincide with those of their Units.
weapons and ammunition
Each participant, as a general rule, and whenever possible, will carry out the shooting exercises with the weapons assigned for the service. All weapons owned by the company must participate in the shooting exercises, in order to check their condition and operation.
If for any reason, a company had more weapons than guards, the excess weapons must be transferred to the shooting range in the qualification exercises, to verify the state of operation by the Heads of Security or Shooting Instructors (10 shots ).
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