The 5 Best Target Kid Backpacks for NYC 2023

target kid backpacks

The 5 Best Target Kid Backpacks for NYC- for Back to School 2023

It’s that time of year again. Back to school shopping. The most thrilling thing about going back to school for kids is getting all of their school equipment. As the very beginning of the day of school looming finding an appropriate backpack that will meet their requirements for the entire school year is at the top of their shopping list. A good target kid backpacks must have enough space to hold all its contents and should be able to be carried comfortably throughout the day.

See below for the 5 top backpacks that kids can take to school in 2022-2023.

Best Preschool/Kindergarten Backpack: 7AM MINI

Many of the parents’ most loved 7 AM products are adored because of their stylish and comfortable ( with PETA approval ) brand, and always with the comfort of its users in the back of your mind. The MINI kid backpacks is available in the Classic, Dino, Wings and Bows style , with design elements like padding for the shoulder straps to make it easier to carry. The water-resistant outer shell that can be washed in the machine makes this an ideal style for most elementary school students.

What to Love If you like these designs- especially for older children for the older kids, the MIDI includes laptops, folders with pockets on both sides as well as a bottle in the side pocket.

Best Give Back Backpack: Kane Kids

State’s signature backpack designed for children is a fantastic choice for kids in kindergarten through 3rd grade. With the many compartments it has, you can store your school equipment, an iPad or laptop 13” or larger and a bottle of water (around 17 pounds) and still carry it comfortably thanks to the soft adjustable straps with padding. Other fun features of this target kid backpacks is that it’s made of recycled materials of 45 as well as a front pocket with a zipper ideal for lunch cards and pencils. Check out the prints and colors that are available.

What’s to love What to love: Every backpack sold, the State bag will give back to the community by helping American families and children by donating fully-packed target kid backpacks to their bag drop events.

Best Adaptative Backpack: Adaptive Kids’ Backpack – Cat & Jack

This backpack with a unique design is an ideal choice for children who have special needs. With its adaptable features and numerous pockets, kids will feel at ease when they go back to school in the new year! The backpack is constructed with several ports for cables and tubes and tuck-away back straps, making it easy to use. The ergonomic and comfortable backpack is a fantastic choice with top quality and gorgeous designs!

What you will love If you’re parents of an infant with special needs you’ll love the design features of this budget-friendly backpack that can benefit your child.

Best Classic Backpack: L.L.Bean Original Book Pack

Forty years after it first came out L.L.Bean’s first backpack remains among the best available. Made of high-end and weatherproof materials, this backpack will withstand all of your child’s demands throughout the school year and beyond. The backpack is made for children who are 6 years old and older to store everything and anything they need in the numerous compartments like their books, lunch boxes, and much more!

What you will appreciate: If you reside in a city with a lot of rain, these target kid backpacks are made of robust stitching and sturdy material to keep children dry with their books and papers.

Best Personalized Backpack: Mackenzie Backpacks

Pottery Barn offers some of the coolest prints and designs including the Mackenzie backpacks that come in small, mini, and large sizes to ensure that it is suitable for all ages. There are more than sixty different color designs available for this backpack and with the option of personalizing the bag, your child will definitely discover backpacks that they love! Fun facts: some even come with recycled materials! Pottery barn kids

What I love about it: Pottery Barn does an extensive test of their products with lead to ensure that they meet the highest quality standards. The glow-in-the-dark design is an excellent feature of this design.

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