The Benefits of Outward Remittances through IndusInd Bank

India is a growing economy, and people often deal with business contracts with foreigners. In such cases, you may also need a financial conversion service. Nevertheless, you may also need a broker to convert the money received in foreign currency into Indian currency. However, the overall process can sometimes be daunting if you do not find a reliable currency conversion platform. So, where do I sell foreign currency? IndusInd Bank can be a place for safe and hassle-free currency conversion and outward remittances. For personal and commercial reasons, you can contact the bank for international money transfers. In the following section, find the benefits of choosing IndusInd Bank for outward remittances.

  1. Low Commission Fees

People sending money abroad often deal with a high commission charge. Most brokers charge a high commission fee, along with various hidden charges. As a result, sending money to someone outside the country becomes costly. You can avoid paying such hefty charges by choosing IndusInd Bank’s foreign money transfer service. The bank offers foreign money transfers at the lowest cost. Moreover, it offers different products that reduce foreign money transaction costs. For example, you can use forex to purchase something in foreign currency at home.

  1. A Widespread Network

IndusInd Bank boasts of a widespread network that allows you to send money to all major countries. For example, you can send money through this bank to countries such as New Zealand, Hong Kong, Singapore, the USA, Qatar, UAE, Oman, Australia, Canada, the UK, and many more. You can find many dealers and brokers nowadays, though they operate only in a few countries. But, IndusInd Bank allows you to send money to various countries. Therefore, it is unlikely that you need to send money to a feign country, and IndusInd Bank cannot serve you with precision.

  1. Hassle-free and Paperless Process

So, where to sell foreign currency? IndusInd Bank is your destination if you want a paperless process. Dealing with money exchange dealers is a complex affair due to the involvement of papers. You should have all documents ready to send money through such dealers. But IndusInd Bank is committed to bringing banking services to your doorstep. You can find paperless document verification through the web portal of the bank.

You should have a PAN and Aadhaar Card ready to send money abroad through IndusInd Bank’s website. The portal asks you to fill up an online form, and you must provide all necessary information without mistakes. After verifying the PAN and Aadhaar cards, you need to add beneficiary details. Make sure that you add the details correctly to avoid incorrect remittance. You cannot reverse the process once remittance has been initiated.

  1. Benefits for the Existing Customers

IndusInd Bank customers can easily get the wire transfer service and forex card without requiring multiple verifications. Therefore, you can save time by having an account with IndusInd Bank. However, it does not mean that non-existing customers cannot apply for such services.

You can contact the nearest branch and inquire about the availability of the products or services according to your requirements.

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