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In recent decades, tourism in Montenegro has been developing at an incredible pace. Here, there are all the necessary conditions for it: a mild climate, warm waters of the Adriatic Sea, clean air, mountains, forests, and a well-developed infrastructure for relaxation and entertainment. But, of course, Montenegro’s highlight is its magnificent beaches. You will learn about the best of them from this article.

Jaz Beach

Located in the suburbs of Budva, Jaz is one of the most popular beaches among tourists. It spans over one kilometre in length, and Jaz is divided into two parts: the majority of it is an ordinary beach for tourists, while the remaining area is reserved for naturists. This location is exceptionally picturesque: the seaside is surrounded by the mountains of Grbalj and Straza, the water is crystal clear, and the beach itself is covered with fine pebbles and sand.

Jaz is well-suited for family holidays with children since the water entry here is gradual and safe. The beach is equipped with all necessary facilities, including shower cabins, toilets, and convenient parking. Water sports enthusiasts will also enjoy it, as you can rent catamarans, stand-up paddleboards, kayaks, or enjoy various attractions. Additionally, the beach offers an excellent camping area with several thousand spots.

Milocer Beach

This is a very well-known location, for which thousands of tourists from various countries visit Montenegro every year. Milocer Beach is situated on the territory of the former royal dynasty’s residence, not far from the picturesque bays of the King and Queen. Nowadays, this beach has become a place of relaxation for many celebrities and influential individuals, as it is hard to classify this location as budget-friendly. The entrance to the beach is subject to a fee, starting from 100 euros and more, depending on the season.

The sand here is always clean, the water is crystal clear, and there are relatively few people. After a day at the beach, you can visit the local arboretum, which is under the auspices of UNESCO. This park boasts many beautiful and exotic plants: cypresses, olive trees, centuries-old pines, and magnolias. The tourist trail leads to the top of the mountain, offering a breathtaking view of the forests, mountains, beach, and the Adriatic Sea.

Luchica Beach

The beach of Luchica is located not far from the town of Petrovac, just an hour’s drive from Tivat. Getting here will be easiest and quickest if you make use of car rental in Montenegro. It is a small but very atmospheric beach, situated in a picturesque little bay. One of the main advantages of Luchica is the relatively smaller number of tourists, making it a preferred destination for travellers who wish to enjoy a quiet, unhurried, and relaxing holiday.

The sandy beach of Luchica is very clean, surrounded by beautiful cliffs, and offers a magnificent view of the small islands from the shore. It is especially comfortable for families with children: there is a children’s playground on the beach, water attractions, and a long, safe water slide. Despite the relatively small area, the infrastructure here is well-developed – you can rent sun loungers and umbrellas, have a snack at local cafes, purchase fresh fruits and snacks from vendors, and go for a ride on a catamaran.

Perast Beach

Among the resorts in Montenegro, the true gem is considered to be the Bay of Kotor, or Kotor Bay. The picturesque nature of this place can astonish even the most experienced traveller! Within the resort’s territory, there are many locations for excellent pastime and active leisure, but most tourists come here specifically for the local beaches. Perast is situated between the Boka Kotorska and Risan Bays, at the foot of Mount St. Elijah.

At the local beaches, it is easy to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of this ancient and charming Mediterranean town. You will have a great time if you want to relax away from the hustle and bustle of the city. However, keep in mind that it will be challenging to swim with little children – Perast Beach attracts more diving enthusiasts. There are many cosy cafes and restaurants nearby with delicious local cuisine, so be sure to try unique Balkan dishes.

Velika Plaza Beach

This beach is located in the suburb of Ulcinj. It is also known as Long Beach because it is the longest beach in Montenegro. In truth, Velika Plaža consists of several beaches that stretch for 13 kilometres along the coastline. Every year, water sports enthusiasts from various parts of the world gather here for activities such as regular surfing, kitesurfing, and windsurfing.

Despite the waves that can sometimes occur here, Velika Plaža is considered a safe place for relaxation since the entry into the water is very gradual, and the dangerous depths start several metres away from the shore. There are all the amenities here, including sun loungers, umbrellas, changing rooms, shower cabins, toilets, bars serving refreshing drinks, and cafes with diverse menus. By the way, Velika Plaža can also be visited for health purposes, as the sand on the coast is considered therapeutic due to its basalt rocks and high mineral content.

Bigova Beach 

Although small, the very beautiful and cosy beach of Bigova is situated in a small village not far from Kotor Bay. It is easily accessible by car from nearby resorts, as Bigova is only half an hour’s drive from Tivat and Budva. Cars in Montenegro can be rented on the website of a local car rental, for example, Local residents have been engaged in fishing for many centuries, so you can see many beautiful boats and barges here. The main beach is mostly concrete, but there are also small sandy-pebble areas with therapeutic mud.

One significant advantage of this beach is that very few tourists are aware of it, so you can enjoy a quiet and secluded getaway. Due to its convenient location in the picturesque bay, there is hardly any wind here, making Bigova even cosier. Everything you need for a beach holiday is available here – sun loungers and umbrellas, restaurants serving fantastic dishes made from fresh seafood, and boats for rent.

Petrovac Beach 

The beach at Petrovac can also be considered small, but unlike Bigova, it is known to many more travellers. Therefore, in recent years, Petrovac’s popularity has been rapidly increasing, and the resort town’s infrastructure is developing dynamically. Many choose Petrovac for eco-tourism purposes: here, the air is very clean, there is plenty of greenery, and beautiful landscapes.

The pebble beach stretches for about seven hundred metres, with comfortable hotels, leisure areas, bars, and snack bars located along its length. Petrovac also has a lifeguard team, which is a plus for those who are not very good swimmers. This beach is often chosen for family holidays with young children. Nearby, there is a tourist trail that will lead you to a beautiful forest with centuries-old pine trees – an excellent way to diversify your holiday, escape the hustle and bustle, and breathe in clean air.

Lovers of beach holidays should visit Montenegro at least once to fall in love with this country and its stunning beaches. There are locations to suit all tastes – from huge resorts teeming with tourists, beach parties, and shopping centres to small coves with a charming atmosphere of antiquity and unspoiled nature. Therefore, we recommend visiting as many Montenegrin beaches as possible to make your holiday as diverse as possible.

How to Find the Time to See All the Beaches of Montenegro

If you are planning a brief trip to Montenegro, one undeniable advantage is the country’s relatively small size. However, there are so many beautiful and atmospheric beaches here that visiting all the best ones can be a challenging task. Nevertheless, there are several simple life hacks that can help you plan your time wisely and achieve your goal even with limited time.

Select the finest beaches

Before embarking on your holiday, gather as much information as possible about Montenegro’s beaches. Look at photos online and read reviews from other travellers. Afterward, compile a list of the beaches you definitely want to visit. Prioritise the beaches on your list, so you can make sure to explore the most interesting locations.

Plan an optimal itinerary

Familiarise yourself with the locations of the beaches. Be prepared that they are all in different regions of the country, whether on the Northern, Southern, or Central coast. Therefore, you need to plan your itinerary in advance to visit all regions one by one and spend as little time as possible on transportation. This will allow you to visit several splendid beaches in a single day!

Consider travel time

The order of visiting beaches is not the only factor to consider; you should also account for the distance between them. Fortunately, Montenegro has a well-developed road infrastructure, and distances between cities are relatively short. However, some highways may be more congested than others. To avoid traffic jams and unforeseen situations, create a plan that includes the time required for travel.

Allocate time for beach relaxation

Seeing a stunning beach and immediately moving on to the next one is not the best idea if you want to fully enjoy your trip. Allocate at least a few hours for each beach visit: sunbathe on the warm sand, swim in the crystal-clear Adriatic Sea, try your hand at windsurfing, order a refreshing cocktail, and simply savour the breathtaking Montenegrin landscapes.

Rent a car

Car rental in Montenegro is the most convenient and fastest way to get around the country. This service allows you to better manage your time, be more flexible, and not depend on public transport schedules. Cars in Montenegro can be rented on the website of You can choose the car model in advance, reserve it for a convenient time, and arrange for the vehicle to be delivered to your chosen location. Moreover, rental cars are always clean, in good condition, and come with a full tank of gas. Given Montenegro’s incredibly beautiful scenery, you can not only save time but also enjoy stunning landscapes during your trips between beaches.

Try local dishes

Montenegrin cuisine is an amazing blend of Balkan, Mediterranean, and Middle Eastern culinary traditions. Be sure to visit local cafes and restaurants, as there is usually a good selection of various establishments near the beaches. Do not be afraid to try culinary experiments; try dishes like Ćevapi (grilled minced meat), lamb in milk, black risotto, and fresh seafood.

Engage with locals

Interacting with Montenegrins is an excellent way to enjoy your time, make new acquaintances, and even learn a few simple phrases in Montenegrin. In addition to pleasant emotions, you can get useful advice on how to best reach a specific beach or which attractions, bars, or museums are a must-visit for travellers.

Show flexibility

You may forget your sunscreen, find that no cafes are open on the beach, experience bad weather, or not enjoy a location you travelled a long way to reach. Unexpected and even unpleasant situations can occur during trips. Your task is to be prepared to adapt to new circumstances and view any deviation from plans as an adventure. Be flexible, and perhaps it is precisely stepping out of your comfort zone that will give you the most unforgettable experiences from your trip!

Enjoy every moment of your holiday!

Montenegro is an incredible country with numerous stunning beaches. While you may want to see as many unique locations as possible, try not to turn your beach-hopping into a marathon, even if you feel like you are missing out on beautiful places. Savour the sea, the sun, and the wonderful beaches – these enjoyable moments will stay in your memory forever!

As you can see, managing to see all of Montenegro’s beaches is not as difficult as it may seem. You just need to create a list of interesting locations in advance, plan your itinerary, use car rental in Montenegro, and be ready for adventures. Most importantly, relish every moment of your stay in this stunning country!

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