The Best Image Frame Sizes: 6 Types for Patterns

Framed pictures can complete a space and make the room feel more inviting but sometime you feel confused about image size like how big is a 8×10 photo and other sizes. It doesn’t matter if you’re moving into a brand-new house and are looking to make it your own or want to update your existing home; framed pictures are the best option. The benefit of preparing photos is that you can customize them according to your preferences. Do you prefer rustic farmhouse style? Consider organic wood frames. Would you like an elegant modern style? Frame your image using traditional black frames with a white matt. Selecting a frame design will be the initial step. Next, you must make sure that the image can fit in the. We’ve put together a list of frame sizes for pictures to assist you in choosing the right size frame. Just remember your photos’ dimensions, and compare them to the proper frame size.

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Most General Picture Border Sizes

Various sizes are commonly used for photos. If you are creating your wall or a room, you’re likely working using the dimensions listed above. Utilizing common sizes of picture frames allows you to identify the perfect frame for the style you prefer.

1.Picture Frames For 4×6 Photos

4×6 photographs are the standard size for a picture frame and are the most popular 35mm photos. The 4×6 size is suitable for a wide range of topics, from family photos to abstract artwork. It is also the size that the majority of album covers employ. If your image is larger than 4×6, it will require slightly larger frames. The frame size will depend on how you would like your matting to be added.

Picture frames that measure 4X6 are ideal for collaging pictures on your wall. They can be hung on shelves to create a home style. The size of this frame is among the most frequently sold structure sizes and will enhance every picture placed inside the frame. Pick a frame style that complements your home’s style and color for a different look to your photos and wall art.

Frame sizes if you need matting

A white matting border to your Photo will improve your images’ quality and give an elegant and professional look to each image inside the print. A few other sizes for picture frames that you could use to print 4X6-sized photos are:

  • 6×8
  • 8×10

2.Picture Mounts For 5×7 Picture

The next size above 4×6 is a 5-by-7 photo print. This size is ideal when your photograph features an individual in the center. It’s a bit bigger, which means they stand out more clearly. 5×7 prints will fit in different frames, depending on how thick the matt you want.

5X7 pictures will give you an element of originality since they’re not common print sizes. It’s small enough for the prints that can fit on the shelves of your wall but large enough to view the full length of the image print.

Frame sizes formatting

  • 8×10
  • 11×14

3.Picture Frames For 8×10 Photos


8×10 photos are bigger than 5×7 and 4×6, which is why they are commonly used for group shots or portraits. If you’re hanging graduation pictures in the hallway, it is likely the size you’d choose to use. There are several sizes frames you can put an 8x10 image in, based on whether you prefer a narrow or wide appearance.

8X10 prints of photos are the ideal size to display single photographs on walls due to the details printed on an 8X10 image. To add a touch of elegance frame, you can customize the edges to fit the Photo’s mood. If you’re framing your graduation photos, think about a structure that incorporates the year of graduation or a tassel tied to the frame to remind the student’s dedication.

Frame size if needs matting

  • 11×14
  • 12×14

Other Common Picture Edge Dimensions

If you’re working with large walls to work with, then think about creating the appearance of an art gallery to add visual interest. You can do this by using one large photograph of the common sizes below and adding spaces surrounding it with smaller picture frames.

4.Picture Frames For 16×20 Photos


Prints of 16×20 are considered to be small posters. If you’re using a photograph of these dimensions, ensure the resolution is good. This will ensure that your Photo isn’t blurry or pixelated.

Ideal for framing calendars and small posters, these frames will become the centerpiece of any home decor piece. A stand with a glass cover will let you add notes using dry-erase markers to ensure that the writing doesn’t damage the calendar’s original print. This will prolong the lifespan of your calendar throughout the entire year. Include a personal photo frame to your photos and calendars to add an extra personal touch.

Frame sizes and matting:

  • 20×24
  • 24X28

5.Picture Frames For 20×30 Photos

Framed this size, 20×30 is close to the standard size of a poster, which is 24×36. This print size is bound to attract the attention of your surroundings. Choose something large and striking to frame, such as an image of a landscape or the ocean.

These pictures are ideal for interior decor or wall art; These pictures are perfect for adding style to your office or home. The 20×30 frame size can elevate any art print on your wall. Pick from various photo frames to get a distinct look for every design.

Frame sizes using matting:

  • 24×36

6.Picture Frames For 22×32 Photos


A 22×32-sized photo is bigger than posters, so matting isn’t required. Try using frames the same size as the Photo to limit the scope to a manageable one. Ideal for larger areas, this size frame will look stunning when placed in an open space in your office or home. Make a wall art piece that is sure to catch the attention of everyone every time someone walks past it. These wall art pieces are beautiful as customized canvas art which displays your most loved images and photos.

Frame sizes using matting:

  • 30×40



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