The meaning behind the logo identifies vital information about a business.

branding logos explained

Have you ever looked at any company’s logo? Have you ever considered what a brand’s icon says about the firm and its products? We don’t usually do it. As customers, we only buy products from the firm and pay no attention to its icon. However, if we pay attention, there is a secret message in the symbol that we notice but do not understand. The brand’s symbol is significant in persuading buyers to buy the goods. When we look at the flag of any country, we notice that each aspect of the flag has a hidden message. And each element defines the country. Similarly, your emblem defines your brand.

Consider the example well-known brand NIKE. According to Greek, Nike is the wings of the Goddess of Victory. The Goddess Swoosh’s wings inspired the symbol. According to them, the goddess’s wings inspire her fighters or followers to be adventurous and fearless. Looking closely at the logo, you may see a remarkable resemblance between Nike’s wings and the well-known swoosh symbol featured on sneakers. According to them, when someone wears their shoes, they will have the power, motivation, and courage to run and win, and their shoes will help them in doing so. The brand’s symbol is a crucial element in the advertising and promotion of any company. Consumers are more likely to purchase a product after understanding the meaning behind its logo. Use your icon to motivate people much as Nike did with theirs.

When creating a brand, what role does the logo play?

When a customer hears or sees your company name, they are likely to notice your icon. Regardless of the type of your business or the products or services you provide, your brand’s symbol should be recognizable and provide a clear message to customers. Undoubtedly, your company’s icon is crucial to its success. We have gathered some of the logo’s functions for your reference.

Show That Your Business is Unique

The main advantage is that your label may tell your company’s story and make it unique. A picture is supposed to be worth a thousand words, which is often proven true. Your emblem may express much about your company’s history and what it’s different and recognized for.

If your organization has a distinctive and attractive image, you will only need so many words to convey what you do. Include a motion element that links to your company’s narrative and services to make your design more attractive. This vibrant element may enhance the overall impression of the logo and make it more engaging. If your firm’s symbol speaks to customers, they will be more interested in your brand and its offerings. Therefore, If your website’s logo is boring, it will fail to attract customers. If you are searching for a unique emblem for your business that will help it stand out from the crowd. Various agencies like Glowza digital offer professional services for brands and can help them create their logo.

Sends a Message to the customers

Have you ever considered that the way you use your company’s emblem conveys a message to consumers? You can encode meaning in a sign using simple elements like color, shape, pattern, and direction. The font and style used for the emblem also convey something about the character and values of your business. This method ensures that your message reaches the people you intend to persuade. 

Looking at the symbol for the popular children’s television network Nickelodeon, we see that the use of orange and white conveys a sense of joy and success. Nickelodeon’s logo is orange, representing vibrancy, excitement, and childhood. Since it’s targeted at kids, the vibrant orange hue conveys the enthusiasm and creativity required for a children’s program.

Creates a Positive Initial Impression

You’ve probably heard the phrase, “the first impression is the last.” What if the initial impression could be better; does it serve your purposes anyway? Give your customers your best from the start to ensure a positive experience. The label will be the first thing they see when your product or website is presented on a user’s screen. It’s sufficient to conclude that the label has a role in influencing customers’ first perceptions. Your catchy tagline will likely attract the consumer to visit your website and learn more about your goods and services.

Increase Recognition

Many consumers shop at various stores yet frequently need to remember the names of those businesses. Therefore, the brand’s logo is essential to the public’s familiarity with the business. You can use taglines and labels to retain a company’s identity in the minds of its customers for an extended period. Customers typically make a purchase decision within seconds of visiting your store; thus, you must do all possible to capture their attention quickly. Symbols with attractive visuals have a better chance of being remembered by customers. Do you know why? Visuals tend to make a more significant impact on us than words. Furthermore, our brains understand pictures far more quickly than words. Glow Digital offers the most outstanding designers to develop eye-catching animated logos for companies.


When it comes to a company’s success, the logo is often the critical factor. The initial impression made on clients by a great emblem is a memorable one. It helps the company stand out from the competition and creates a favorable impression in customers’ minds.

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