Tips for Saving Money on Bulk T-Shirt Orders

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Buying t-shirts in bulk is an excellent option, whether starting your clothing line, outfitting a team, mission group, or other organization, or just looking to stock up on clothes for family and friends without breaking the bank. If you want to save money, consider purchasing t-shirts in bulk from a distributor rather than paying retail prices.

You will have access to numerous designs from the industry’s top manufacturers when purchasing in large quantities. As an added perk, you pick the hues and measurements that suit you best.

While it’s great to have so many alternatives, those unfamiliar with bulk purchasing may feel overwhelmed by all the choices. The best price for your company or family is essential, but so is getting the right size, color, and style. The good news is that it’s a breeze to do everything involved. Read on for some tips on how to save money while purchasing t-shirts in large quantities at a wholesale price.

  1. Make A List Of What You’ll Require

You should estimate the number of shirts you need before placing your order. There are two main reasons why this is beneficial. Placing too much money on a surplus is a wasteful endeavor. Second, once you’ve got a ballpark figure for how much you’ll need, you can start looking around for the best price. Each item has a different per-unit cost based on the total amount purchased. 

Whether you’re buying for yourself, your family, or your company, calculating the quantity required is a simple task. However, things get a little more complicated if you’re attempting to stock up to launch a business. In this case, you need to consider who you are selling to and conduct market research to determine the best quantities and sizes to order.

  1. Do It As A Group And Distribute A Form To Order

Send out a group order form to get a precise headcount of how many shirts you’ll need. Make sure the size, style, and color options you intend to provide are represented in this form. Make sure everyone in your club or organization has an order form and set a firm deadline.

Once you’ve received all the forms, you may count them to determine the required material. You should probably get some extras. It’s a good idea to stock up on the order form’s most popular size and design. 

Buying additional shirts from a wholesale t-shirt bulk supplier to sell as a fundraising opportunity is a good idea when placing an order for a team or organization. It may help defray the purchase cost.

  1. Use Only White T-Shirts

T-shirts come in various colors, including some not traditionally associated with the rainbow. However, when looking for the most excellent offer, remember that colorful shirts typically cost more than white ones. Buying white shirts instead of colored ones can save you at least a dollar for each piece. While this may not seem like a problem initially, the cost can quickly pile up if you purchase a large number (say, 100 or more).

Don’t worry if you need to cut costs, but you can only bring yourself to dress your squad in their official colors. Rather than buying pre-dyed shirts that don’t fit your color scheme, you may color them or add some embellishments. You can turn a simple white tee into a one-of-a-kind representation of your team, company, or brand using screen printing, iron-on transfers, or fabric markers.

Buying white t-shirts for the office might also save you money in other ways. You can personalize the leftovers and use them in your subsequent venture or function. 

Choosing a wholesale t-shirt bulk supplier whose website is optimized for big buys further simplifies the ordering process. You may go to the website for the desired style and add all the sizes and colors you need at once rather than navigating through several items to get what you need. Go to the product listing for the Gildan Heavy Cotton 5.3 oz. Specify the desired number per color and size for the T-shirts you want. Verify your order forms once you’re done inputting amounts, and then go to the next step. If you’re looking to save money on apparel, this is a far more effective way to purchase for large amounts.


Buying t-shirts in quantity is a good idea for a variety of reasons. You may need to purchase t-shirts to contribute to your upcoming mission trip. You may want to start your own shirt personalization business. You may want to outfit your entire squad or club with similar jerseys but are on a tight budget. Whatever the reason for your requirement for a large number of t-shirts, you undoubtedly want to do it at the lowest possible cost.

Consider carefully how many shirts you need before searching for wholesale prices. Things to think about include packaging and shipping costs. Also, be aware of any restocking fees or other penalties incurred if you need to return an item because of a problem with your order.

You can rest assured that your purchases will serve their purpose. And hold up to regular usage if you stick with first-rate items from trusted manufacturers. Contact the vendor at any time if you have any questions or concerns. A reliable wholesaler can assist you in finding the items that meet your requirements—and answering any queries you may have.

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