Top 8 Cuddly Feline Fur Babies You Can Adopt

Top 8 Cuddly Feline Fur Babies You Can Adopt

Cats are cute, cuddly babies that many people never wish to let go once seated on their laps. It might be surprising to know that the feelings can be mutual sometimes. Some cat breeds prefer to snuggle up to their owners, eat, sleep, and play with them.

However, it is worth noting that life is not all about cuddle fests. As a cat owner, you must pick practical cat care goals and work towards supporting your fluffy furball with basic life needs, regular wellness checkups, and medical care during distressing health scenarios.

Pet health insurance can help with your cat’s non routine vet visits and medical emergencies, so you should consider purchasing a policy. Pet insurance enables you to provide your furball with timely health care with fewer financial hassles, so why not consider exploring the different options in the market?

Meanwhile, read this article to know some popular cat breeds that make splendid cuddling fur companions.


Himalayan cats would love to be the objects of their owner’s affection. So, they will be more than happy when you sit and talk or lie next to them.


Cats of this breed sit on their owner’s lap as often as possible. They are true mates; affectionate, friendly, and fabulous choices if you are hunting for a family pet with little issues with snuggling.


Shorthair cats are one of the friendly cat breeds known for their loyal inclinations and affection. They might not spare a single opportunity to hop onto your lap and snuggle up to you to unwind.


Birman kittens are lovely in the sense that they prefer being close to their owners. For instance, given a choice, they will most likely sit on your lap rather than on the new plush bed on the floor. Also, they cuddle often and don’t like letting their humans go.


Cats belonging to this breed make loving and loyal fur companions. They are very social, talkative, and open to snuggles while having a conversation simultaneously.

Devon Rex

Cats of this breed simply follow you or stay next to you at any moment and constantly remind you of their presence. They enjoy being held, playing in your lap, and always seeking love, attention, and praise.


These super sweet cats happily snuggle up to their human parents, so if you are looking for a cuddly furry animal, a Ragdoll should be one of your top choices. These kittens softly go limp into their owner’s arms as they find it relaxing and soothing when held.


These kitties are attractive choices if you would like to adopt a delicate sweet pea that enjoys being in its owner’s arms most of the time. You will be more than glad when they slowly walk up to you and take a seat on your lap, asking for attention and affection.
Even when cats belonging to a specific breed share similar qualities, remember that every cat is unique. So, not necessarily all cats belonging to a breed would love to snuggle up to their owners. And the existence of mixed breeds makes it all the more confusing and traits and behaviors unpredictable.
It is best to go by your instincts and consider other important factors like your willingness to take care of a munchkin, and your ability to afford basic things like food, water, shelter, and quality health care while adopting a cat.
Pet health insurance becomes essential, especially with the rising costs in current times to provide your feline top-notch medical care during unanticipated health situations. Irrespective of the cat breed, contemplate purchasing pet insurance in the best interests of your pet’s health and well being.

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