Try these 2023 deep wave styles 

Are you fretting because you have fixed a date and could not think of one suitable deep wave hairstyle that would help you showcase the best possible version of yourself? Well, we have the solution for you! 

Why don’t you try a deep wave wig? We swear they will do great wonders to impress your date. With deep wave human hair, you can experiment with different stunning hairstyles, which is one main reason why deep wave hair is the most sought-after hair by women worldwide. 

Deep wave extensions are the perfect solution if you are looking for a protective hairstyle, as they are low maintenance and super comfortable to wear. 


Check out these 15 gorgeous deep wave wig hairstyles and choose the right one for you to achieve a perfect date look. 


1. Attractive middle part with deep wave Accessories 

Attractive middle part with Accessories
Attractive middle part with Accessories

Do you want to keep your deep wave hair looking simple yet toss in a dash of your own flair? Then you must try adding beautiful accessories to your hair for a delightful, trendy change. 

Use colorful hair ties, jeweled headbands, pearl clips, and decorative pins to make your look stand out.

2. Stunning half up half down deep wave ponytail 

Stunning half up half down ponytail
Stunning half up half down ponytail

The ponytail style is another greatest alternative to a bun when getting a half-up, half-down hairstyle. Tired of bun? Try with a ponytail, and you are ready to attend any event and occasion and slay your dating time.

You can easily achieve this gorgeous style by tying half of your upper hair into a ponytail and then letting your other half flaunt freely.  

With a half-up, half-down ponytail, your face will remain the star of the show while you show off your lustrous tresses.

3. Gorgeous high bun with half down 

Are you looking to showcase your beautiful facial features while still displaying your beautiful, lengthy tresses? Achieve your deep wave closure into the half up, half down, and look amazingly gorgeous to win every heart.

You can easily achieve this stunning style by taking the upper part of your hair and tying them up into a bun while letting the lower part flaunt freely. Secure the ends with the hairband properly, and you are all good to go! 

4. Beautiful Partial front crown braid 

Beautiful Partial front crown braid
Beautiful Partial front crown braid

Is this beautiful style the perfect option for you? If yes, you can easily achieve this style by parting your hair in the front of your head and then braiding a small section of your loose bundles towards the left or right, leaving the rest of the trusses free. 

You will look beautiful with a classic favorite while also avoiding your hair in the front and appearing incredibly gorgeous. 

5. Enticing Space buns 

Looking for a creative, quirky look for your date tonight? Well, this trending space bun style is an excellent option for you. 

To recreate this stunning style with your loose deep wave bundles, just part your hair into two sections from the middle, pull the first section at a 90-degree angle, then wrap the hair around to create a bun. Repeat the same for the other section. 

After you have neatly gathered the two sections into a bun, leave the hair below to hang freely, and you are done! You are all good to go. 

6. Impressive deep side part with jewelry 

One best part of deep wave lace front wig are that it requires a little styling to look absolutely incredible. If you are looking for a ‘throw n go’ approach, style the edges and throw a gorgeous, deep side part. We swear you will love the way it frames your face. 

7. Alluring wavy leaves out with twists.

Are you tired of the typical deep wave style? Try adding two strand twist to the front of your hair and leave the rest of the hair hanging. 

You will love this classic, ageless charm of with the exciting, free-spirited vibe of the twist braids. 

You can easily achieve this gorgeous twist by: 

  1. Make a few small sections at the front, 
  2. Then braids each section about 3 to 4 inches back and secures it properly with a rubber band. 
  3. Leave the rest of your hair freely flowing to achieve an alluring wavy leave-out with a twist. 

8. Beautiful braids with freeflow 

If you love the idea of braids but want something other than a half-up style, try braiding the front of your deep wave wig and letting the rest of the hair flow.  

To achieve this, part your front hair into two sections and braid them towards each side, leaving the rest out.  

9. Striking braided front with leave-out (loose deep wave bundles) 

With a few cute deep wave in the front accompanied by luxurious deep wave hair, you will steal everyone’s attention as you display a courageous and gorgeous look. 

To achieve this stunning style, part your hair diagonally into 7 or 8 sections across the top of your head, style 2 small braids about 4 inches back, secure the braids properly, and keep the rest of the hair hanging freely. 

10. Gorgeous low wavy bun 

Looking for a classic yet attractive look for your date tonight? The low wavy bun is a perfect choice with a neatly styled front. 

Achieve this gorgeous style by gathering all the hair, smoothening the flyaways, and then styling the back of the deep wave into a low bun. 

11. Splendid deep wavy low pony 

Are you in a hurry? Need a look that will be achieved in a matter of seconds. Then you need to consider styling your deep wave into a classic ponytail. 

Place it to the right or left for a fun, exciting look, or achieve a high pony for a more sassy change and then back to the low for a classic finish. 

12. Amazing high deep pony & leave out. 

Do you love the idea of a ponytail but are looking for a way to spice it up? Try with deep wave high pony. The height of the pony will complement your facial features and outfit, providing you astonishing look perfect for a date. 

13. Remarkable scrunchie high ponytail 

Try out this gorgeous scrunchie idea if you are looking for easy management and free-tangle ideas for your deep wave tresses. Achieve a high pony look accompanied by a beautifully designed scrunchie. 

14. Straight back & tossed a honey blonde deep wave. 

This gorgeous style is the epitome of the phrase “ less is more.” Besides a typical side or a center part, achieve your deep wave into a free flow cascading down at the back. 

Flip over your tossed honey blonde deep wave backward to create a voluminous looking-hair. 

15. Short hair deep wave hair 

While many of us love to wear hair extensions that are longer in appearance, many also prefer shorter hair. Because short hair is always cool and chic, you can try out short deep wave hairstyles for a trendy and cute look.

Look at the picture of how a lady slays her look in short deep wave hair, looking so natural with voluminous hair. 



These are the gorgeous hairstyles you can try to achieve a perfect look for any event, occasion, or date. Now that you know, are you ready to experiment with them? 

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