Types of Amusement Park Rides


An amusement park features various fun rides and games for entertainment. There are wildlife attractions, food stalls, horror houses, along with various other attractions in an amusement park. There are theme parks as well that follow a particular theme and decorate the park according to it.

You visit these parks when you want to let loose and have some fun away from the responsibilities of life. You can even bring your kids to these parks, as they also have kid-friendly rides. An amusement park has many different kinds of rides apart from roller coasters, and this article will discuss some of them below. Click here to learn more.

  1. Carousel

One of the oldest amusement park rides is the carousel. They have been around since 500 C.E. They are famous worldwide and are also known as merry-go-rounds in some parts of the world. A carousel has many variations, but the most common one is horses with poles attached to the ceiling. The ride rotates on a platform and gently moves the horses up and down to imitate the feeling of horse riding. People sit on those horses and enjoy the ride. 

Other versions include deer, rabbits, cats, etc. The seats are often decorated with pleasant patterns and colors and made to resemble the animals they are shaped like. The seats are made from plastic, wood, and fiberglass around the world.

  1. The Rotor

It was an amusement ride designed by a German engineer named Ernst Hoffmeister in the 1940s. The rotor is a rotating barrel that creates centrifugal force, and upon reaching its full speed, the barrel’s floor is retracted, causing the people inside to stick to the walls. Although the rotor was a fairly popular ride back in the 40s, it was discontinued shortly after because of the dangers it possessed.

The ride caused people to experience difficulty breathing while inside the ride; some people threw up, and some felt dizzy. There have been multiple accidents that have resulted in deaths as well. Because of the ride’s unsafe nature and lack of safety regulations, the ride’s popularity died down and was eventually discontinued completely. Currently, there is only one operating rotor ride in the United States.

  1. The Haunted Mansion

The first haunted mansion was created by Disney back in 1969 for Disneyland. People were seated on a buggy and made to experience ghosts, blood-spilling families, murderous brides, and other scary features. This amusement ride is one of the most popular rides of all time, prevalent even to this day. The thrill and excitement of experiencing the horror inside surpasses the fear of people.

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