USA: Iguanas Fall From the Trees Due to the Cold

Arctic temperatures in the United States cause reptiles to freeze and fall out of trees.
A severe snowstorm hitting most of the United States has caused numerous deaths and power outages amid arctic cold, traffic chaos and flight cancellations.

However, in addition to snow, it “rains” and iguanas in Florida, where it is very cold due to extreme weather conditions. These phenomena make the reptiles paralyzed by the cold and fall from the trees. To save them, the residents put them inside the house or even in the jacuzzi to warm them up.

They fall from trees at -10°C

The situation due to low temperatures is particularly critical when the mercury drops below 10 degrees Celsius, some go into hibernation and fall from the trees.

“Iguanas spend most of their time in trees, and cold weather can cause them to fall out of them. Iguanas may appear dead when in this strange state, but they are alive and potentially dangerous if disturbed. Advice for those Who are paralyzed Let nature “sooner or later wake up and get back to doing its job,” the Florida Wildlife Commission said in a letter.

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Fears of a high death toll

Boloncars said more deaths have been reported, but the local medical examiner is trying to determine if they can be directly attributed to bad weather. The blizzard, described as the worst in 45 years, began Friday night and battered western New York over the weekend.

At least 50 people have been killed across the United States in storm-related accidents since late last week, according to a tally by NBC News.

They are found murdered in cars and on the highway

“What we witnessed was like a category 3 hurricane mixed with snow,” said a police spokesman in Buffalo, one of the areas hardest hit by the storm. Some of the victims were found in cars and others on the road under the snow.

New York Governor Kathy Hokull also said that she was in contact with the White House and that the Biden administration would accommodate the state’s request for a state of disaster declaration. “It will go down in history as the most destructive storm in Buffalo. It has historic proportions and we are only halfway there,” Hokull said.

She pointed out that it was almost impossible to transport rescue equipment and even snowplows. “We are talking about a war zone,” she added. Authorities in several states have reportedly ordered special snowmobiles to reach the stranded people.

In shelters

In nearly every city, from Denver to Chicago, shelters have opened to accommodate those who need warmth and protection from the threat of hypothermia.

Forecasters expect the cold temperatures to continue today and return to normal seasonal levels by the middle of next week. For More Info: Smoothies News

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