What Are Some of The Key Benefits That Shag Rug Have?

Shag Rugs

Are you considering adding shag rugs to your home but worried that they might look outdated? In that case, you’re mistaken. Shag rugs have significantly come back in popularity. 

Due to reliable production and high-quality materials, items once seen as a casualty of the 1970s are again in demand.

It’s acceptable if you don’t know about the revival of shag rugs. What kinds are available, what rooms in the house they perform best in, and how you should maintain a shag rug are possible questions you may have.

Durability is the most important consideration. Although many retailers sell rugs, not every rug store has high-quality versions. So, you must carefully consider this issue.

In the sections below, we’ll review the numerous key advantages shag rugs have.

  • A Deep Pile Shag Rug Will Add Coziness to the Bedroom

As you step out of bed each morning, a plush, machine-made thick pile shag rug is the ideal landing spot for your feet. 

Naturally, the majority of shag rugs are “high pile” rugs. The fibers that make up the rug are longer in a high pile rug than in a short pile rug. This is also responsible for the shaggy appearance of these rugs.

The thickness or density of the pile determines the plushness of a shag rug. Bedrooms benefit from thick pile rugs with longer fibers (between 2 and 2.5 inches). Place this rug directly beside your bed to avoid the cold floor and provide a nice cushion for your feet every morning.

Please remember that to prevent slipping; you should either use a rug pad or anchor your shag rug under the bed’s legs.

  • For Functional Comfort, Use Short Pile Shag Rugs in Your Living Room

For your bedroom, which you primarily use bare feet to walk on, high-pile shag carpets are ideal. Because that is not the case in your living room, you should try a shorter pile shag rug option.

Usually 1, 1.25, and 1.5 inches long, short pile shag rugs. It’s crucial to purchase a shag rug for the living room made of high-quality, stain-resistant materials like polyester and polypropylene. Using stain-resistant materials is always advisable to avoid spills from leaving lasting stains.

The ideal place for your kids to sprawl out in front of their favorite YouTube cartoons or for your family to come together beneath a huge blanket for movie night is on one of these short pile shag carpets. These rugs enhance your living space’s aesthetic appeal and color while providing user comfort.

  • Avoid Placing Shag Rugs in Areas of Your Home That See much Traffic    

Shag rugs are not particularly good at handling dirt and soiling. This doesn’t imply that they require much upkeep; it only indicates that they will only work well in places with much foot activity, like kitchens and corridors.

Additionally, it’s important to remember that dust can easily be sucked up in long rug strands. Consequently, shag rugs are not the best for pets, especially those with thick piles.

When it comes to maintaining your shag rug, make sure to always stick to the manufacturer’s instructions.

  • Regular Cleaning Will Help Your Shag Rug Last Longer

It’s a frequent misperception that shag rugs are challenging to maintain. If used inappropriately in the home or cleaned with the wrong tools, some shag rugs may be challenging to clean.

You can simply clean and preserve your shag rugs with the help of the high pile settings and attachments that many modern vacuums come with. If we’re going back in time, there are also some outdated rug cleaning techniques that you can “dust off.”

You can use the following suggestions to keep your shag rugs hygienic and clean:

Vacuum Regularly

  • Many vacuum cleaners have a “high pile” mode to protect rugs
  • Use one of the provided attachments if your vacuum doesn’t work on your shag rug
  • Any thick or high pile rug should be vacuumed gently

Retro Hand Cleaning

  • Some shags can’t be vacuumed, so you’ll need to hang them outside on a clothesline or a railing.
  • To remove all of the dirt and debris from the fibers of your rug, gently beat it.
  • Leave your shag rug outside for a few hours so that the sun may destroy any mites or bacteria hiding in the fibers.


It should be clear by now why shag rugs are once again in style. Thank god, the horrible hues and shoddy designs are no more. Today’s shag rugs are expertly made and long-lasting. They are available in various colors, sizes, and shapes to match any decorating theme.

The Rug Gallery features a wide selection of designs and hues suitable for any home. They also provide comfortable short pile shag rugs ideal for your living room and high-quality thick pile rugs for your bedroom. Visit this well-known rug store in Columbus, Ohio, or their website.

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