What day of the week are airline tickets cheapest?

cheap airline tickets

Airline Due to price fluctuations tickets are never cheapest. Delays in supply and demand economic conditions fuel costs demand destination type and fare class all affect airline ticket prices. If you want cheap Qatar Airways flights tickets you need to book strategically and early.

It hard to pinpoint a good day to buy inexpensive flights but experts recommend specific times and days for convenient travel and low costs. Here all about them.

Tuesdays and Wednesdays

Tuesdays and Wednesdays have the lowest airfare throughout the week. Many airlines also issue weekly rate bargains promotions and discounts during certain days. By booking your flight on these days you can expect good travel deals for your destination.


Saturday flights can be cheaper than Friday and Sunday flights contrary to popular assumption. Saturday flights are cheap since most weekend travellers leave on Friday or Sunday.

Red-eye flights

Red eye flights might save you money on airfare. Red eye flights frequently occur late at night or early in the morning. Less web traffic means decreased flight demand lowering prices. This period also offers many limited time promotions.

Weekends for International Travel

International travellers should prebook weekend flights. Weekends offer more foreign flight alternatives. Airlines fly all their planes to most overseas destinations. By visiting the Qatar Airways manage booking option you can check that overseas travel fares are sold or not at that time. You can gain from all that.

Consider the peak travel times

Day of the week doesn’t matter when buying a cheap airfare during high season. Because of increasing demand for a particular route or destination prices rise all week. Thus you must investigate your destination peak and off peak travel periods and plan your vacation accordingly.

Every location has varied peak and off peak travel periods based on local events international festivals tourist sites etc.

Last-Minute Deals

Getting inexpensive flights at the last minute isn’t smart but sometimes they are the cheapest. Only when a flight has many unsold seats does this apply.

In summary midweek travel is cheaper than weekend travel. You may easily pre-book and change your flight through Qatar Airways manage booking interface.

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